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Grinding sound with the T3i

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Has anyone ever experienced a grinding sound when shooting video with the T3i?


But, to clarify: Is the sound coming from the camera (e.g., the lens) - meaning you hear it while recording? Or, is the sound captured on the recording? Is it associated with either the aperature or focus changing?

Switch off AF, switch off IS.

There are no other moving parts during video mode (no mechnaical shutter, no mirror) so it has to be either of these two things.

Do note that the camera will pick up substantial handling noise.

An external mic isolates this to some degree, but micing off camera is ALWAYS the better quality solution.

Jason and Paul,

Thank you for your responses.  Autofocus is off.   A grinding noise can be heard in the camera during recording, when the video files are viewed after being transferred to a computer, as well as when holding the shutter button when shooting stills.

Can you post a clip online we can refer to?

The only other mechanical moving part is the sperture diaphragm, are you in autoexposure?  Could the aperture be constantly changing?  Try switching cam to manual exposure and see if the noise is still there.

Auto sound levels will vastly amplify the sound on the recording in a quiet environment, but in reality you should barely hear the iris operate.

I think we need to see / hear a clip.


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