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Samyang 24mm tilt and shift

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The rumor's been around seems like about a year or more now.

Hopefully there's some substance to it at Photokina

a bit more on it here:

It'd sure be nice if they manage to hit close to the IQ level of Canon's v2 at half the price

Definately something I'm keeping a close eye on, looking at the pic it seems as if independant rotation of the tilt and shift might be possible as with the recent Canon's.

should be available in Dec '12 or Jan '13 according to this store:

I asked, and got the following answer....

Die Verfügbarkeit des Samyang Objektives ist noch in Abklärung. Eine Aufnahme in unser Sortiment wird zurzeit geprüft und gegebenenfalls in absehbarer Zeit erfolgen.

So... they might add it to their shop as soon as it is available (hopefully)

I am very interested in this!


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