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Samyang 24mm tilt and shift

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Mt Spokane Photography:
So far, just a prototype at Photokina. I'd sure wait for expert reviews of this one. 

A Samyang-authorised dealer in the UK is taking pre-orders at £999, though they stress that that the price has not yet been confirmed. Anyway, £999, if it proves to be right, equates to 59% of the Canon's UK street price. This would translate to $1,300, based on 59% of the TS-E's US street price of $2,200.

They announced the development a long time ago, so I'm hoping that its release is imminent.  I'm also very curious about its pricing and quality vs the Canon.  At $2k+, I haven't rushed out to buy the Canon lens.  But if the Samyang is comparable at half the price, it might be next on my list. 

As many, I've been waiting to see reviews. UKdigital is taking pre-orders at 1000 pounds.

Along the way, I found the following from ARSAT.  Read somewhere that this is a Ukrainian product.  Does anyone know anything about it?


Looks like a very close clone of the Canon 24mm.

Filter size is 82mm.
Available in Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony A mounts.
Release Date: March 2013.


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