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Author Topic: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]  (Read 9327 times)


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Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« Reply #30 on: September 07, 2012, 01:47:08 PM »
The only thing I absolutely won't accept is them removing AFMA, I think that would kill the camera on release for most people

Sheesh, don't even suggest that - Canon might think it's a good idea to drive 5DIII sales. 

Actually, while it would kill the camera for most people here, I'm not sure that many of the rank-and-file consumers who would be the target market would notice...
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Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« Reply #31 on: September 07, 2012, 02:35:30 PM »
Nah, I think there are enough base users who would demand AFMA for primes on full-frames. They don't like risk, and its a little too risky to rely on a strategy that assumes their are enough schmoes who will drop $2k+ on something they have no idea about.


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Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« Reply #32 on: September 07, 2012, 04:01:23 PM »
Losing my optimism for a FF pro body (7D/5D build, layout).   I sure hope touch screen doesn't mean flip screen too.

There's really nothing wrong with a flip screen, it doesn't have any drawbacks except having the amateur image.

But the problem w/ touchscreen, a flip screen, a new 20mp sensor (I guess w/ video af like on the 650d) is that Canon will make sure to cripple the camera so much that enthusiasts or professionals are only left with the 5d3 to buy. Canon releasing a cheaper ff is not because they're throwing money away on purpose, but because they cannot produce a better crop sensor than the current 18mp and this sensor is in so cheap camera bodies by now that the pressure from below has gotten too high by internal and external competition, i.e. the Nikon d600.

And for the same reason they gave the 7d the hyped firmware upgrade - there's more air left in the ff sensors, but on crop Canon might be stuck with video af and the like until they develop or buy new sensor tech raising iso capability and dynamic range.

I would love a flip screen on a pro body. I am not as flexible as I once was, bending down to look is a pain, not to mention often a mess in dirt and mud or snow. There's absolutely no disadvantage in a flip screen for me. Also you can flip it to protect it when not in use.


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Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« Reply #33 on: September 07, 2012, 04:58:15 PM »
(the) G12 Replacement that isn’t much different than the current one. Same sensor size as the G12.

Then I wonder what we can expect?
Same size sensor but CMOS
digic 5 processor
better lens?

and it will be called the G12A ?


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Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« Reply #34 on: September 07, 2012, 05:11:59 PM »
Actually, if you check the rumor again, he says that the sensor is most often cited as 22mp. I really can't imagine them doing the R&D for a whole new sensor for a cheaper camera.

Me neither - but I can imagine them tweaking the existing sensor a bit so that the nominal mp count is somewhat lower than 22mp for the tech data sheets. They did the reverse strategy for the 21mp 5d2->5d3, and that's no sensor redesign either.

Or maybe they really added live view like on the 650d, that might eat up some pixels that wouldn't count for still shots? Quite possible, because that's a tech where Canon has an edge unlike Nikon in iso/dr.