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Sony RX1 Full Frame sensor Compact leaked photos / rumor

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This is going to cause a lot of buzz!

fixed 35mm f/2 lens apparently

and a hefty price tag of $3k

Yeah it's pretty amazing to have a FF sensor in a body that small, but I don't know about a fixed lens.  It's one thing if you can remove it, but being stuck with a 35mm focal length?  Granted if you have to be stuck with one focal length that's not a bad one to have.  Pretty amazing where the technology is going.

This is what i would have liked canon to have offered us with their mirrorless design. Honestly, i don't even remember anything about what they did offer or if it's since been released. Yeah, the spec sheet must have got me very excited. it must have been a "me too" product.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Cameras are obsoleted in 3-5 years, often sooner.  Having a 3K body with fixed lens that will be obsolete in 5 years or less seems like overkill.  I'd prefer to buy a good lens that will last for 20 or more years, and a  cheap body that can be sold in 4 or 5 years.  With Sony's record of poor product support, they will likely walk away from it in three years.
I think this is a very limited product, aimed at those with money to burn.

When I saw this post this morning(i'm in China,) I instantly thought that it would be my next camera. Then I opened the posting and saw a fixed focal length!!!!
If this had been a FF mirrorless with a 35mm Zeiss Kit lens at 3000 bucks I would've preordered. If this camera was 1600 bucks I would be extremely tempted....
If I bought this camera, i'd love it, but in one year when an interchangable lens version of this camera comes out i'd regret paying so much money for it.
I really want this camera, but for 3000 dollars I'd like something with a little more options than one focal length and no viewfinder(also, is there a shutter speed dial?)


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