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Walking up Hamburger Hill


Youtube link from last week when me and a friend visited Hamburger Hill, Ap Bia mountain in western central Vietnam close to the Lao border. A major battle took place here during the American War in Vietnam in May 1969.

Walk up Hamburger Hill September 2012

I shot this with 5D Mkiii with 24-105L. It was raining and was very humid, at this point we were very tired because we had walked up the other side of the mountain where the NVA retreated (about 1km) then down this way another 6-700 m. I carried the Flipside 400 AW on my back, completely soaked motorcycle jacket and a rain poncho so I have to apologize for the heavy breathing.

Video quality, any feedback of course is welcome as I pretty much don't know anything about shooting video. But this is most to share a very unique moment shot with my Canon gear. The lens and camera was soaked, the lens apparently got very wet as it didn't worked properly the next few days, apparently moist inside it. Any tips on what to do about it is appreciated. 5D seems OK.

Hope you enjoy watching the video.

Firewall blocked the video here at work, I'll watch at home.  About the lens.....a low-tech method is to wrap it in a towel or clean cloth and place it in a sealed container with a pound or two of VERY dry rice.  Check it after a day or two.

nice video...  :)

Nicely done. 

Thanks for the tip. Should probably have sone that right away. But after we finished up here we
got on the bikes and drove three hours down to the coast, also in quite heavy rain.

Thanks for the encouragement. Looking at it again I wish I could get back and do it again to try to improve on this.


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