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Two steps forward, the sensor and the lens. One step back to the past, removing the swivel screen.

I am not dumping my G11 just yet but I am not happy with the G15 Canon dumped the flipping screen. Talk about a step backwards. I just had notification the G15 will sell in the US at 499$

The Nikon P7700 is not available yet and the lens is an unknown quantity anyhow the same goes for the ƒ1.8 lens on the G15.

I am going to Japan on the 8th of October so there's no way I will be able to get my hands on a P7700 anyway so it looks like the G11 will go on it's third trip to Japan. Be very silly to buy a P7700 in haste.

Canon made the G15 smaller but at what cost, it now has to compete with all the other 'pocketable' cameras and will definitely lose out against the RX100 as it has nothing else to offer against that bigger sensor. What a disaster.


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