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Canon PowerShot G15

I’m not sure where the G13 and G14 went, but they will definately be missed. Here’s an image of the imminent G12 replacement. 
It’s pretty closely specced to the G12. Add DIGIC V and a faster lens, the f/1.8 looks good. The flash is now a popup as well. Here’s hoping the viewfinder is a bit better.


F/1.8-2.8 sounds like a huge upgrade to me.

I like that lens.

Hope we'll see something with an f/2.8 max aperture on the next camera with a G1X size sensor as well...

Both G13 ang G14 will not never see the day light. "13" is an unlucky number for the westerner. While "14" sounds like "sure death" in Chinese.

I wonder what the price point will be? I hope it's not like what happen to the G1x. It was waaay to expensive when it was came out.


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