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I was actually looking forward to the S110, but find it to be a major disappointment.  On the contrary, the G15 is better than I expected and thank you Canon for finally return the G series to it roots....FAST LENS!

--- Quote from: Dave92F1 on September 17, 2012, 11:25:21 AM ---Count me disappointed, too.

No flippy screen - that rules it out entirely.

Not only that, but it's still missing the GPS and 200/400 fps video modes introduced in the S100!

And also no 1080p/60.

The f/2.8 lens on the G11/G12 is fast enough for me - I don't need a faster lens in a compact (I have a DSLR if I need that, but it doesn't fit in my everyday backpack.)

I'm not at all interested in the G15.  I'm going to shop for a used G12 on eBay instead (to replace my G11).

--- End quote ---

Oh yay, they put in their CMOS sensor.
Likely to perform more poorly than the G1x then?..
Too bad they didn't stay with the Sony (?) CCD sensors that gave very good low ISO performance in the G11 and G12.
At least initial release price is not unreasonable, considering the lens ..

Well, that looks like the end of all the expectation and enthusiasm for the sucessor to the G12!
Just another compact P&S with nothing special to recommend it.
What happened at Canon, did the earthquake damage their thinking processes?

It might not have the moving LCD. But the pictures looks good from this review

Canon PowerShot G15 Unboxing and Hands On Review

There has been plenty of negativity towards the G15 in this thread, but reviews from other sources plus the spec list made me take a look at my first compact since my unloved G3 a million years ago.

Last week I bought a G15 for $399 and ran it through its paces and have to say the quality knocks my sock off, way exceeding my expectations. I wasn't expecting files like my 5D3 or 1D4 but hey, for what it is and for $399 I've got a camera that I'll take everywhere with me again. The lens is a pearler, f/1.8-2.8, the iso performance is a real surprise, and the more compact size (than the G12) makes the loss of the flippy screen inconsequential. I'm loving it.



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