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Down to the RX100 or G15...

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I think I'd go for the G15. Nice robust body with a fast lens. It's f2.8 at its max telephoto.
Athough to put a snapper in the works, have you thought of the Olympus XZ-1. I got this camera and loved it since day 1. It's now been superseded but the XZ-2 but I'm not a fan of the flippy screen. If you do get the XZ-1 try and get the new lens cap with it.

Bought the RX100 in Oct. 2012.
What a lovely cam. Yes, small. Of course, I have my 1 and 5.
Stealthy, very good performance at low light.
Having big hands too: my solution is the small strap and the bag.
And: never had facerecognition before. Very helpful.
The rawfiles are also very "tortureresistant".
Had a Samsung EX1 (500 or so in the States) before:
the Sony is MUCH better.
8000 clicks later: I'm still in love ..... :))

I own an RX100.  It's the best P&S I've ever used.  The files are gorgeous, even at higher ISO.  The lens is very nice, especially on the wide end. And the camera is amazingly tiny - an important consideration if you want a truly pocketable camera you'll take everywhere.  Also love the interface.  Downsides include a lens on the slow side, a lens not as good at the long end and a lens that doesn't have a great zoom range.  All-in-all tho, man, a great P&S.

Here's a youtube vid on the G1x and RX100 size difference if interested:

Canon G1X vs. Sony RX100 size comparison


I bought the RX100 back in February and I've been happy with it so far.  I picked it up as an "take every day" option for my 5DIII.  On the plus side is the IQ and small size.  For me, the biggest negative is the same as another poster (verysimplejason) mentioned above--I am more familiar with Canon menus and so for me it is kind of a pain in the butt to find what I am looking for in the Sony menus.  I use the wrist strap and bought a little Lowepro pouch for it. 


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