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Match made in heaven

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Being in Australia, I was one of the few lucky ones to pick up my 1DX on 4th July. My long awaited pre-ordered 20~70mm L 2.8 II arrived 1st September. Paired up, I consider I have the sharpest of the sharp, both with lens and camera. Simply the best from Canon  :)

I think you've described it perfectly.

Congratulations on having the pinnacle of photographic technology (35mm equiv. anyway), and many years of outstanding images to you!

Absolutely stunning....congrats

P.S.  just can't wait to see what the trolls are going to say about this marriage made in heaven

I'm almost green with envy ;) Hope you really enjoy it and don't forget to share some Aussie colourful beach & stunning landscape shots taken with this combo here on CR

I've got the 1DX.  Still waiting on the new 24-70L though...


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