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D600 DXO is out!!!

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Weird 1dx was released much earlier yet no rating while d600 was just released couple of days ago and now been tested....

94..... well let me make a guess.. the 6D will score 81.

--- Quote ---Nikon’s recently released consumer-oriented full-frame sensor DSLR, the D600, has just gone through DxOMark’s image quality evaluation tests. And the verdict is in: the D600 is an affordable camera that places a high premium on image quality, as it ranks just behind the top performing Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E. It is also a significant improvement over the high-end professional flagship DSLRs, the Nikon D3X and the Nikon D4.  Here are the DxOMark test results for the D600.
--- End quote ---

I know DXO mark is plainly sensor but they do help with marketing. I just wonder why are they slow with releasing other cameras while a just released one is already tested. Could be Nikon is sponsor of theirs.

well i hear that very often.. fact is you can license the DXO testing and it would be pretty soon public if they "fake" results in favour of nikon or any other company.

you can think about the DXO score what you like... but i don´t think they manipulate the results in favour of brands. 

I am not saying they're "faking" it. It's just I am wondering why is it their are brands that are tested earlier than others. Is it because nikon sees a marketing importance if dxo would release a data suggesting that the sensor in their camera is superior or canon, pentax or any other brand sees no importance in dxo data that they are not keen in sending their cameras to be tested. Because for what I know you would always see theses arguments with regards to dxo in photography forums. I know dxo mark is dependent on manufacturers to lend them their cameras to be tested but I think only nikon is the one making the most out of this publicity. 


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