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1D X - Memory Cards best burstrate with Lexar and Transcend Cards 400X and 300X

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yes 100x 256mb lexar what was your burst total before stutter, i have a new 64gb transcend and i got 74 frames in  succession!


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You have a 1D X...   Spend a couple of hundred dollars and buy Lexar 1000x cards.  ...or even 600X

The other brands have fast cards also, but I recommend Lexar.

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+2...and I'm shooting with 5D III - RAW

After I acquired my 1DX in July, I wanted to ensure that I had the fastest CF cards for continuous shooting.  I had always used SanDisk Extreme Pro cards but was concerned that their cards were rated at 82% of the comparable Lexar 32GB cards in the Galbraith review.  I have never lost an image on a SanDisk so I was confident in their storage quality but the speed bothered me.  I even contacted SanDisk to see if they were releasing faster cards soon and I got a "dance around" answer that did not indicate they were. Today, they still do not offer faster cards. Therefore, I purchased a pair of Lexar 1000X 32GB cards that were on sale at Adorama for $234.95.  There was a big run on that deal so it required 3 weeks for them to arrive.

I have used the Lexar cards exclusively since they arrived and always shoot with recording to both cards.  I have yet to hear the 1DX stop recording in a burst mode of 12fps whereas that occurred frequently with my 10fps Mark IV with the SanDisk cards.  I am pretty certain the Lexar would stop recording if my burst was long enough but that did not happen in the two football games I shot this fall.

I highly recommend Lexar and unless SanDisk matches their speed I will not purchase SanDisk again.

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