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DSLR Backpack for a trip to Thailand

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Hey guys,

I am relatively new to DSLR photography, but have fallen in love with it. I currently have a 60d with a 17-55 lens. I am leaving in December to go to Thailand for one full month and am trying to find the best possible back pack for all of my gear plus a little bit of stuff as I would want to use it as a day pack as well.

Before I leave I will be purchasing a hood, UV filter, extra battery(s), small tripod (I've been using a friend's and it is a monster of a tripod), and one more lens (undecided and open to suggestions).

So my needs/desires will be as follows:

1. Fit all gear mentioned above.

2. Ideally make a full left or right portion of backpack a spot for the tripod. I will be buying a small tripod that will be able to fit inside the pack

3. Be comfortable enough to carry literally every where in thailand in addition to my relatively small travel backpack. (the travel backpack will stay in hostels and go at the bottom of buses, etc.. but the dslr bag will ALWAYS be with me)

4. Have just enough space for a water bottle and change of clothes

5. Under $150

Any and all advice will be appreciated.


Last year I was in Thailand at December and January. I had my 7D with ef 70-200 f/4 L IS, EF 100 f/2 L IS Macro, 24-105 f/4 L IS, EF 50 f/1.8 II and Speedlite 270EX.
I carry them in my Tamrac’s Rally 5 including my 10.1 " netbook. Netbook I leave in my room when I go out. I carry that bag at flights too and keep it under my seet.
Water bottle you can carry in Tamrac's side "net pocket". And I like it because it don't wet my back when carry it around all day.
But like you wrote, you like to have some clothes with you in your daytrips then this bag is not for you. Full already...

I have backpack too for my camera gear but I choose to leave it my home because I like more shoulderbag and I use that backpack only if I need to take all my gear with me.
And in Thailand the gear I need was only those which I listed above. For tripod I use my Gorillapod and that was enough tripod for me.

Before my trip I tested quite many bags in local camera shops with my gear that I had planned to take to Thailand. And that's how I found right bag for my use.
LowePro (Photo Sport Sling 100/200 AW) and other vendors have many "Sling Bags", maybe they are more suitable for your use. 
Hope this give's you some help/ideas....

I think you're looking at this from the wrong perspective.

I bought a Manfrotto Compact Photo Tripod MKC3-PF - White for £50 and also its dedicated Manfrotto case. Upshot is i have a tripod in a case that is no bigger than my wife's fore arm, and she is only 5ft 3".
I also purchased a Manfrotto Stile Bella IV Shoulder Bag Cord, which adequately holds all you are asking of it, with room for mobile phone and wallet.

I can assure you, neither bag/ case is large to carry, or heavy. And with it being in 2 parts, i'm not afraid to leave the tripod section in the hotel room. So small is it, that it will fit in the suitcase whilst you are out exploring.

All 3 items came to no more than £100 (tripod, case & camera bag) and are all of great quality whilst being light. Much better than lugging every thing else around.

It really doesn't get any smaller or lighter than that, and much more conspicuous than a medium to large Lowepro bag or similar.

Thanks for the suggestions all. I decided to get the Lowepro Sport 200 AW. It seems like it will fit all my needs. Thanks for the help. Now on to my next hunt.... a compact tripod that can do both video and photos.  ;D

i'd take a small mirrorless camera...


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