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Author Topic: Wide or ultra-wide angle with excellent corner performance  (Read 10655 times)


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Re: Wide or ultra-wide angle with excellent corner performance
« Reply #45 on: October 07, 2012, 03:58:23 PM »
I enjoyed my Samyang 14mm for a couple shots at the zoo today. It takes a little getting used to MF without focus confirmation but I'm happy I get the benefits from the precision matte focus screen in my 5DmkII. I found it's easiest to focus wide open, then stop down (like canon AF works).

Because in several reviews it was mentioned that infinity was not at the infinity focus mark, I did a quick test to confirm this and happy to report my focus scale is OK! I also noticed the infinity mark on my my focus scale is in a different position and has a leader, other than the one on Photozone. Looks like Samyang does silent updates :)

Shooting into the sun there was significant lens flare shooting wide open, but it immediately disappeared when slightly stopping down the diaphragm. I kinda like this sun burst effect though.

Sun shot and focus test:

First shot: at infinity, f/2.8
Second shot: at ~1m, f/2.8

As said before, the lens flare disappeared when stopping down.

All in all, great colors and I love the creative potential for this lens.
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