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Bauer flash question



somewhere along the lines of my interest into yongnuo flashes i somewhat happened to get an old Bauer flash for free! Its the model 5028 servo. Im just not sure if i can use it with my eos system or if its gonna fry it up cuz of electrical differences. Any experiences?

Here's a link to a flashgun voltage table. Although not quite the same model number as yours, the Bauer unit listed has an incompatible trigger voltage. If I were you, I wouldn't risk it.

Hello again!

I got a Praktica MTL5b now and wonder if its safe to use the bauer flash with it? I suppose yes? Input welcome.

Your Praktica MTL5 would probably survive an arc welder attack so I shouldn't imagine any flashgun could trouble it.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Early DSLR's were susceptable to high voltage at the triggering of a flash.  Canon redesigned the flash circuits so 250 volts is not a concern, but I'd stay away from flashes that produce 400v or higher.
here is a popular list
Old flash units can be had for $5, so just pick a low voltage one, imho.


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