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Canon 5D Mark III w/ Canon 24-105mm kit - US $3,599.00 on ebay

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The seller is in the US but i do not recognize the name. With a sale of 24-105L at $850, the body works out to $2750. They are saying on ebay that the kit comes with Canon USA warranty...

Also Vistek and some other stores in Canada started to offer an additional $100 discount to the usual Canadian price $3500, so the body now is cheaper (if we are talking big reputable camera stores) in Canada at $3400.


Done, 62 sold.
It wasn't a bad deal after all.

This gives me hope that there'll be some Adorama prices in near future. I've almost saved $2750...

Saw that yesterday; the rub was that you'd need an aftermarket warranty since Canon determines whether it's valid and not the seller.  Also, $850 for the lens is REALLY optimistic.

I'm surprised with CL listings I put up almost a week ago, not even a single low-baller e-mailed me  ;D  Got one scam though, so at least it's working.

Mt Spokane Photography:
BigValue is not a authorized Canon dealer, this has been discussed in many previous topics, and others are even now posted.  Someone even called Canon and was told that there was no Warranty on items purchased from them.
BTW, they say that a US warranty card is included, but do not say that there is a US Warranty.  They are being very sly about that, since Canon uses the sales receipt to determine Warranty, the card does nothing.

I have heard it said before that Canon USA will not repair cameras bought outside of a US authorized dealer, EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR IT.  Does anyone know if that is true?  That is a-whole-nother issue than just not honoring the warranty. 



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