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CR Backup Admin:
Every Year, a pair of Kildeer nest somewhere along or near our driveway.  This spring, they are about 6 ft off our driveway in gravel thrown up when I plowed snow last year.  They always nest in the rocks, their eggs blend in very well.

I took my 5d MK II and 24-105mm L along with me tonight, and drove by in my truck hoping to get a photo, but they flew away.  I drove back a few minutes later with the same result.  They do not fly from our car, but I guess the truck scares them.

I did take a photo of the nest, and then of the bird about 25 ft away giving me the evil eye.  I did not want to disturb them further, but next time I'll drive by in my wife's car, and have my 100-400mm L which should get a closer shot.  I'll add them in a few days.

The images are cropped, and the focus of the nest was off.  The birds are 1:1 cropped, and aren't the sharpest I've taken.  I was too hurried, since I do not like disturbing them.

CR Backup Admin:
A break in our stormy weather, so I took my 1D MK III and 100-400mm L out to take some more photos out my car window.  The bird is really hard to see, even though she is only 8-10 ft away from the edge of the driveway.

They are all handheld snapshots.  ISO 200, f/8, 1/320 sec, so I'm depending somewhat on the IS to eliminate motion blur.

1.  Sitting on the nest at 400mm.

2.  Standing by the nest 100% crop at 400mm

3.  The Nest at 105mm circled in red.

4.  The nest at 400mm close up.

Nice shots well done.

I just noticed your photos and really enjoyed your wonderful visitors.

Nice pictures. They bring back memories of Killdeer around where I grew up. They would pretend to be injured and try to lead us away from their nest. They often nested in rocky areas around the lake where we would go fishing.


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