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I wanted a lightweight backup for either my 5D2 (landscape) and 7D (sports) since neither is a good backup for the other.   So I purchased the SX50HS with a 30 day money back guarantee and I just finished my first day with it.  The AF is pretty fast and image stabilization and auto frame assist works very well on the long end.  I've been shooting in auto mode to get a feel for handling the camera.  I've been shooting exclusively with DSLRs with grips since my 20D and BG-E2. The smaller, lighter feel and zooming via a lever takes some getting used to.  I'll get into the creative modes and settings next week when I pop into NYC.

I've been looking at the same camera (the SX40HS, actually) for a little while as a P&S alternative.  How is the IQ?

In full auto, acceptable.  Giving up a little IQ is fair if it means getting the shot.  When I'm shooting my 24-70 on the 5D2, it's nice to have the extra reach plus I can bracket exposures.  When I'm shooting my 7D with my 70-200 or 200 f/2, it's nice to have the shorter focal length or to go up to 1200mm equivalent.  It will work more as a supplementary camera than a backup.

You mind post some images? 50x is a LONGGGGGG zooommmmm.

tried sx40 - too small for my gorilla hands...  ;D



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