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Odds & Ends

By Canon Rumors | April 9, 2010

Mirrorless 5D Mark II

Someone has done this to a 7D already and called it the PL7D, but here’s a mirrorless 5D Mark II. The camera can still take still photos but is really geared towards video.

See the complete tear down here.

thanks mochapaulo

85 f/1.1L?
NL read on a Linkedin discussion that Canon was readying an upgraded 85 f/1.1L. Take it for what it’s worth. :)

Big White Lenses
We’ve heard before some big white lenses will be tested at the World Cup in South Africa. There’s another suggestion that we won’t see any new models for consumption until 2011.

I’ve also heard Photokina in September still may be the place to showoff at least 1 new big white lens. The 600 DO perhaps?


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