5D Mark II Allocation – CANADA [CR4]

By Canon Rumors | November 18, 2008

Done It looks like allocations have been set for the 5D Mark II for at least a few retailers. Expect shipments to begin next week. I’m told most mom & pop stores should get the allocation they asked for. cr

Rebel XS [CR4]

By Canon Rumors | September 24, 2008

Price Drop ComingExpect another price drop in the next little bit on the Rebel XS for Christmas. With the D40, A200 and K-m being priced very aggressively, the XS will have to compete. I'm told to expect $549-$599 (It's $699 right now) Canadian for the 18-55 IS kit for Christmas. Not exactly exciting… I know…..

New Powershots [CR4] UPDATED

By Canon Rumors | August 26, 2008

Screenscap of the G10 Leak: Click for larger Powershot SX1S (S5IS Replacement)10mp20x Zoom28-560mmArticulating LCDHotshoeDIGIC 4 SD 990IS14.7mpDIGIC 4 SD880IS10mpDIGIC 4 UPDATE: Google Screencap Showing the Page. (Cache Doesn't Work) Click for larger If anyone has a screencap of the above cameras, I'd like to see it.

Canon Sales Meetings [CR4]

By Canon Rumors | August 15, 2008

2 Release DatesI received some info yesterday that Canon will have 2 release date schedules. The info is in regards to P&S cameras. The A720 & SX100 will be replaced first (August 26) and then a round of releases that will see the G9 replaced (Photokina). Probably a month apart. I have no info as Read more…

5D II Availability [CR4]

By Canon Rumors | August 13, 2008

Been asked a bunch of times People are asking a lot about when the new cameras will be available. Some people at various retail outlets keep saying September 30, 2008 is the last day the 5D is listed as “in stock”. If we go by that logic, there should be availability around the same time. Read more…

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