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5D Mark III, 1D Mark V & 1Ds Mark IV Tidbits

5D Mark III, 1D Mark V & 1Ds Mark IV Tidbits

Announcement(s) Soon
I’ll be posting more of the random stuff I get daily. Things are starting to heat up a bit as announcement season is nearly upon us.

Random Info:

  • Canon Australia has sent CPS management to Singapore for product training. [CR2]
  • Any Canon announcement will come after Nikon’s announcement on August 24, 2011. [CR2]
  • 5D Mark III’s are in the wild and an announcement is imminent [CR1]
  • 1D Mark IV’s are out of stock or hard to come by in certain countries. A retailer in New Zealand actually said they won’t be getting any more. [CR1]
  • 1Ds Mark IV resolution correction, I’m told it will actually be 36mp.
That’s it from today.

1Ds Mark IV/1D Mark V Spec List [CR1]

1Ds Mark IV/1D Mark V Spec List [CR1]

Spec lists have been few and far between for any upcoming DSLR, this is the first one I’ve seen in a while. The commenter didn’t know if this was going to be branded 1D or 1Ds.


  • 32mp CMOS (Full Frame)
  • Evolved 45 point AF system (current 1D4)
  • Dual DIGIC 5
  • CF & SD Slots
  • New Battery
  • 3,7,9 fps
  • ISO Range 50-102,400
  • Ergonomic Changes
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD (Highest Resolution Ever)
  • Improved AF in LiveView
  • Unknown Movie Mode and specifications
  • Unknown if there will be a wireless flash commander
  • In camera software feature upgrades

I expect a lot of these in the next month or so.

Announcement Date?
I’ve heard 2 different dates so far. I do expect multiple announcements dates for PowerShot and EOS.

August 18, 2011. I don’t recall the last Canon announcement to happen on a Thursday. Most, if not all are on a Monday/Tuesday depending on where you are on the planet.

August 30, 2011. This would come after Nikon’s announcements.

I don’t see September 6, 2011 as a possibility due to the long September weekend.



No Finalized 5D Mark III Yet [CR2]

No Finalized 5D Mark III Yet [CR2]

A camera for 2012?
Apparently the 5D Mark III is not yet a finalized product and there are still 2 decisions to be made before the product is ready for consumption.

  1. Split the 5D line into a still camera and an advanced video feature camera.
  2. A camera between the 5D Mark III and 1D

It was also mentioned the still and video teams within Canon is very much separate and there is no overlap between the two departments. There could be some internal shakeup soon in that regard.

Do not expect a new 1D/1Ds camera to advance video functionality all that much.

February 2012 would be the earliest for an announcement that will address the 5D line.


5D Mark II for $2499 at B&H


1D Mark V [CR1]

1D Mark V [CR1]

No 1Ds, however……
I’m told a mid September announcement for a 1D Mark V. It will be a full frame high fps camera that will lead to the amalgamation of the 1Ds/1D line.

Availability for the camera will be at the end of October.

The camera will have a “digital cropping mode”.

CR’s Take
Lots of talk about this, I’ve yet to see anything definitive. Though it makes a lot of sense to me.


1D Mark IV for $4999 @ B&H


The Land of Crazy or…. ? [CR1]

The Land of Crazy or…. ? [CR1]

Rumors are flooding my inbox. Most of which I cannot substantiate to any degree. I figured it would be fun to post the most recent “roadmap” type of rumors.

Some of the below stuff has appeared on other rumor sites, as well as various blogs and tweets I’ve seen. I’ll give you my opinion on this stuff at the bottom.

August 2011 7D Mark II

  • 24 Mega pixel Full Frame
  • Dual Digic V
  • Will be a partial replacement for the discontinued 1D Mark IV

September 2011 1D Mark V

  • 32 Mega pixel Full Frame
  • Dual Digic V
  • Will be a partial replacement for the discontinued 1D Mark IV and complete the merging of the 1D line

March 2012 5D Mark III

  • 32 Mega pixel Full Frame
  • Digic V
  • New 11 point AF system
  • Will have the best video features of the EOS line

CR’s Take
7D Mark II being a fullframe camera and “partially” replacing the  1D Mark IV? Not likely for a couple of reasons.

  • The model name “7D” would go against Canon’s naming strategy. I can’t see a Mark II of the current camera, overtaking the 5D Mark III in pricepoint and features. Name this camera “3D” and it makes sense. It was said the 70D would move to where the 7D current sits, an APS-C camera with lots of features above the Rebel. There could be some truth to that, the price difference between the 60D and T3i is tiny. I’m going to wager that any 7D direct replacement will remain an APS-C camera.
  • The other issue I see with this theory is folks that currently have a 7D with EF-S lenses. A lot of 7D buyers are very likely to have purchased a 10-22 and/or a 17-55 f/2.8 IS, not allowing them to bring their lenses to a Mark II version would be silly.

The 1D/1Ds merger talk comes around a fair bit. I do believe it’s going to happen. When? Not sure.

5D Mark III not until 2012? There has been A LOT of talk in regards to the release of the 5D Mark III. Everything recently has said it will be announced next year. Next year is a Photokina year, although I’m not sure that influences Canon’s marketing. There is going to be a lot of talk about the camera, and none of the regulars that are correct have sent me any information.

One constant remains from the stream of stuff I’m receiving, there will be a shakeup in the lineup.



Delays Abound?

Delays Abound?

I am receiving lots of information about delays with current products, as well as future products.

Below is what I am told is the delay in regards to manufacturing times of new current cameras

  • 1D Mark IV – 2-4 Months
  • 5D Mark II –  1-2 Months
  • 7D – 1-2 Month

New Camera Announcements
We have always been told the 1Ds replacement would be in 2012, now we are hearing the next 5D will also be 2012. [NL] alluded to that as well.

Current time frames for new cameras.

  • 1Ds Mark IV – Early 2012
  • 1D Mark V – Early 2012
  • 5D Mark III – Late 2011 – Mid 2012
  • 7D Mark II – Late 2012
  • 70D – Early 2013
  • T4i – Early 2012

This stuff will move around, but I reiterate there is a ton of uncertainty.

I’ve received nothing in regards to arrival of the announced lens, I’ll keep asking.



5D Mark III & More

5D Mark III & More

In the wild?
There’s word that Canon is sending out test bodies of the next 5D to various key photographers. Obviously they’ll be under a veil of secrecy. Once this happens, we tend to start getting better information.

There’s a thought the next 5D will not push megapixels, but will in fact push image quality and noise reduction. There will be a lot more sharpness and detail at higher ISO. The 26-28 megapixel range is becoming the resolution I keep getting told.

There is apparently a couple of different prototypes in existence.

What’s for certain is it will have a 19 point AF, no word on how many crosstype sensors.

1Ds Mark IV /  1D Mark V
The same person alluded to the merging of the 1D line being sooner than expected. There would need to be some new tech in a  merged 1D to keep the 10fps of the 1D and the resolution of the 1Ds. It should be interesting.



5D3, 1D5 and 1Ds4 Timeline [CR1]

5D3, 1D5 and 1Ds4 Timeline [CR1]

Lots of variables.
There is lots of stuff flooding in about the 5D3, 1Ds4 and 1D5.

1D Mark V
It’s been said before, but a new 1D in 2011. Announced in the June/July timeframe. Full frame this time around.

5D Mark III
I received 2 different announcement dates. September timeframe and in the 28mp range from a decent source and 30mp and June from an unknown source.

1Ds Mark IV
Another person in the camp of the 1Ds4 being in 2012. 40+ mp and announced in very late 2011 or early 2012. The gist of the comment was the “1Ds” moniker will be discontinued.

CR’s Take
Stuff is starting to flow in again, there will be some truths buried in all of it. A camera announcement of some kind is on the near horizon. As always, I’ll keep digging.




What next?

What next?

What Now?
I took a day off to clear the head. It was much needed.

After nothing showed up Wednesday, we look to the future of the Canon lineup. I’ll rank what I have as far as information on the next bodies and lenses.


  1. 5D Mark III or Similar – The hype machine is building every day. Everyone is ready for their next full frame body. We’ve had Q3/Q4 2011 for a long while for the camera. 28mp and 7D af were the latest specs. We always hear “raw video” as well.
  2. 1Ds Mark IV or Similar – Everyone is wondering where it is, and there is next to zero information about it. All I’ve been told from very good people is late 2011 or even into 2012 for any type of announcement.
  3. 1D Mark V – It’s been suggested a couple of times we’d see this camera before a 1Ds Mark IV.
  4. New Body i.e. 3D – We had a recent full frame rumor, it has yet to come to fruition.

There’s going to be some significant changes in the Canon DSLR lineup over the next year I think. I know the mention of a 5D Mark III makes some people hyperventilate.


  1. 24-70 f/2.8 II - It’s coming, the patent exists. When? Makes sense to arrive with a 5D Mark III. All the signs point to no IS in the lens.
  2. 35 f/1.4L II – It seems to be wanted, although I love the current one. I haven’t heard anything about it in a while.
  3. 50 f/1.2L II – More talk about this lens than you’d think. Not sure what to make of the chatter. It has a bit of bad PR with its focus shift.
  4. 24-105 f/4L II – Upgraded IS and the new kit lens for the 5D3.
  5. 135 f/1.8L – Speed up and replace an absolute classic lens in the 135 f/2L? It’s constantly talked about.
  6. 200 f/3.5L IS Macro – The big macro is getting replaced, it’s a nice niche lens they don’t need large scale manufacturing for.
  7. 90 f/2.8L Tilt-Shift – Another lens they’d be smart to upgrade. There’s a lot of tilt-shift portrait work going on.
  8. 17-40 f/4L IS - An ultra wide angle lens with IS is missing from the EF lineup, Nikon has one.

I’ve said 2011 would be a big lens year for Canon. I still stand behind that. Although, lenses are always harder to get information on than camera bodies.

Bear in mind this list is an accumulation of things I’ve been sent.



Land of Crazy not so Crazy? [CR1.5]

Land of Crazy not so Crazy? [CR1.5]

Maybe not so crazy
I posted the craziest rumor of the week on Sunday, it didn’t seem at all plausible to me.

One person in particular wrote in saying it may not be that far off. Such a camera was apparently discussed with him/her before Christmas.

Spec List!

  • - New small body FF
  • - Pro AF (45 point same as Eos 1D MKIV)
  • - 16.7 MP
  • - 6 FPS (booster with extra batterygrip up to 9fps)
  • - ISO 100-12800 (L50 / H102400)
  • - Single CF slot
  • - Video as Eos 7D
  • - Msrp $ 4,399

What I was told was the MSRP was way off, the rest of it was relatively on the mark. A CP+ announcement was unknown, as the source was told it would be announced at the end of February.

5D Mark III / 1Ds Mark IV
As most people know, the 5D Mark II completely killed the 1Ds Mark III sales numbers. The same source explains that Canon will move the 5D Mark III into the territory of flagship resolution camera and the 1D Mark IV/V will be the flagship “pro” body. The 1Ds Mark IV will be something completely different, yes, another person saying it.

CR’s Take
The whole Canon DSLR lineup is due for a big shake up, all of this info points to that. I’m not going to commit to all of this being true, but there’s an awful lot of people saying the same thing.