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*UPDATE* This & That

*UPDATE* This & That

From Germany
I received a price list from a German dealer today, omitted on the price list was the 1Ds Mark III and 1D Mark IV. The dealer is a pro dealer.

5D Mark II Crazy Price
Best Buy dumping 5D Mark II’s for what appears to be below cost.

Visit Best Buy 5D Mark II Listing

Canon Australia bug or more?
The 5D Mark II is listed twice on the Canon Australia web site, it wasn’t like this a little while ago. A placeholder or a mistake?

*UPDATE* It was pointed out to me that if you click the second 5D Mark II link, the URL says “6D” at the end. *thanks Mike*

Nothing else too crazy today.



1Ds Mark III Has Left Canada

1Ds Mark III Has Left Canada

Maybe it was the heatwave?
A few people have pointed out that the 1Ds Mark III is no longer listed on the Canon Canada web site. It has been moved to the archived products section.

Big news? Not really, but we’re starting to get to announcement time.

The camera is still listed on the Canon USA web site.

Canon Canada

thanks all



1Ds3 Changes on Canon USA Website

1Ds Mark III on Canon USA
The 1Ds Mark III has disappeared from the Canon USA eStore. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, as they dont always sell all products there.

The 1Ds Mark III is listed as not available on the Canon USA site as well as NL found out.

CRs Take
I havent received any new information about a 1Ds3 replacement sooner rather than later. What I have heard more often lately is a new 1D camera. I wouldn’t read too much into the above yet.