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5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]

5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]

The Next DSLR?
I’m told we’ll be seeing the 5D Mark III announced in October, with delivery shortly there after. I was not given any specs, which is probably a good sign.

We said originally, that the 5D Mark III would come before a 1Ds Mark IV or similar camera. Things appear to have come full circle and negate a lot of what I’ve been told this fall in regards to the 5D3.

Next Announcement Date?
We have the middle of September, possibly September 13-September 15 timeframe for a few more PowerShots. Some folks don’t read the site all that well and have posted other dates quoting us.

We should see the S95 & SX30 successors.

G13? We have heard absolutely nothing about a new G camera. It’s genrally on a 1 year product cycle, which would make it due for replacement any day now.



*BUSTED* 1D Mark V Spec List [CR1]

*BUSTED* 1D Mark V Spec List [CR1]

Another spec list torn apart by the community. The crop factors are off to a lot of people. APS-C isn’t 1/1.6.

Received 8 spec lists today! I expect 1.6x more tomorrow.

1D Mark V
A new claimed spec list of the upcoming 1D Mark 5.

We’re still getting conflicting 1Ds Mark IV & 1D Mark V model names. I’m still not sure what the new flagship will be called.

  • Sensor: 36 x 24mm CMOS sensor
  • Processor: Dual DIGIC 5
  • A/D conversion: 14 bit
  • Image sizes: 32.4 mp, 16.2 mp, 8.1 mp @ 5, 3 fps
  • APS-H mode (1.3x) – 24.9 mp, 12.5 mp, 6.2 mp @ 8, 3 fps
  • APS-C mode (1.6x) – 20.3 mp, 10.1 mp, 5.1 mp @ 10, 3 fps
  • Movie Mode: 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97, 25, 23.976 fps
  • 1280 x 720 @ 59.94, 50 fps
  • 640 x 480 @ 59.94, 50 fps
  • APS-H mode (1.3x) – 1920 x 1080 @ 59.94, 50 fps
  • APS-C mode (1.6x) – 1280 x 720 @ 119,88, 100 fps
  • Viewfinder: Magnification: 0.76x, 100% frame coverage
  • APS-H viewfinder magnification zoom: 0.87x – 89% viewfinder crop
  • APS-C viewfinder magnification zoom: 1.0x – 82% viewfinder crop

Go on and discuss what you think. This is fairly inline with what we’ve heard previously.



1Ds Mark IV & 24-70 II in 2 Weeks?

1Ds Mark IV & 24-70 II in 2 Weeks?

New Stuff?
I received a couple of emails today saying both the 1Ds Mark IV and 24-70 would be arriving in two weeks. This will be before the IFA event in Berlin.

1Ds Mark IV
The 1Ds Mark IV briefly appeared on Canon’s official web site. You can check that out at Photography Bay.

Still Quiet
I have to admit, all is still pretty quiet on the rumor front. One person has suggested we may get up to 3 different announcement dates in 2011. One for PowerShot, one for a flagship DSLR  and another lens announcement.

There has been absolutely nothing saying a 5D Mark III would be announced in 2011. Still a 2012 Q1 product in a lot of peoples eyes.

Quiet at CR
I’ve been away for a few days making sure my marriage remains intact. :)



A Breakdown of Rumors

A Breakdown of Rumors

Below is an update of the current state of rumors surrounding camera bodies. Most of what’s below is opinion, or clarification of what’s going on.

1Ds Mark IV
I was told a long time ago that a 1Ds Mark IV (or similar) camera would not arrive until late 2011 or early 2012 and would be 40+ megapixels. It would be a “big departure” from the current 1Ds line.

There’s been no information on the line that I’d call factual yet, the information I have been told seems to lead to a new type of camera on top of the Canon lineup.

1D Mark V
We’ve heard a lot about the amalgamation of the 1D/1Ds line over the years. It’s been a lot stronger in the last 6 months. It was over 6 months ago that I was first told a new 1D would arrive before any 1Ds replacement.

I personally think most spec lists recently have been wish lists more than fact, however I post them anyway just in case. I suspect we’ll have better information in the coming week or so.

All signs point to this camera, more than any other.

5D Mark III
Everything I get now says it’s a 2012 camera. Most likely in the February timeframe.

There’s a lot of rumblings about the line splitting into 2 models, nothing concrete though. If this camera was coming this month, I believe we’d hear a lot more about it.


A Very Detailed 1D Mark V Spec List [CR1]

A Very Detailed 1D Mark V Spec List [CR1]

1D Mark V
It’s rare to see a spec list such as the one below. It goes down the same path as most information coming in. The 1D & 1Ds will be merged into the 1D Mark V. The 1Ds will be replaced by a more studio oriented camera and called something else.

Specs of the 1D MK V

  • Image ratio w:h 3:2
  • Effective pixels 32,2 megapixels
  • Sensor photo detectors 32.5 megapixels
  • Sensor size Full frame (36 x 24 mm)
  • Sensor type CMOS
  • Processor Digic 5
  • ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800 (50, 25600, 51200 and 102400 Hi)
  • White balance presets 8
  • Custom white balance Yes
  • Image stabilization No
  • Uncompressed format RAW JPEG quality levels Fine,
  • Normal (can have ratios programmed)
  • Autofocus Contrast Detect (sensor), Phase Detect, Multi-area, Selective single-point, Single, Continuous, Face Detection, Live View
  • Digital zoom No
  • Manual focus Yes
  • Number of focus points 45
  • Lens mount Canon EF mount
  • Focal length multiplier 1.0×
  • Articulated LCD Fixed
  • Screen size 3.2″
  • Screen dots 1.200,000
  • Touch screen No Live view Yes
  • Viewfinder type Optical (pentaprism)
  • Viewfinder coverage 100 %
  • Viewfinder magnification 0.76×
  • Minimum shutter speed 30 sec
  • Maximum shutter speed 1/8000 sec
  • Aperture priority Yes
  • Shutter priority Yes
  • Manual exposure mode Yes
  • Subject / scene modes No
  • Built-in flash No
  • External flash Yes (Hot-shoe plus Sync connector)
  • Flash modes External / Radio Controlled
  • Continuous drive Yes (9.1 fps)
  • Self-timer Yes (2 or 10 sec)
  • Metering modes Multi Center-weighted, Spot
  • Exposure compensation ±3 EV (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
  • AE Bracketing ±3 (3 frames at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
  • WB Bracketing Yes (3 frames in either blue/amber or magenta/green axis)
  • Format H.264
  • Audio channels Stereo
  • Clips Yes (1920 x 1080 (120, 60, 30, 25, 24 fps, 1280 x 720 (120, 60, 50 fps), 640 x 480 (120, 60, 50 fps))
  • HD Modes 1920 x 1080 (120, 60, 30, 25, 24 fps, 1280 x 720 (120, 60, 50 fps), 640 x 480 (120, 60, 50 fps) FPS 1920 x 1080 (120, 60, 30, 25, 24 fps, 1280 x 720 (120, 60, 50 fps), 640 x 480 (120, 60, 50 fps)
  • Storage types Compact Flash (Type I or II), UDMA, SD/SDHC card
  • Storage included None
  • USB USB 3.0
  • HDMI Yes
  • Remote control Yes (N3 connector)
  • Environmentally sealed Yes
  • Battery Battery Pack
  • Battery description Lithium-Ion LP-E4 rechargeable battery & charger
  • Battery Life (CIPA) 1500
  • Weight (inc. batteries) 1228 g
  • Dimensions 157 x 159 x 80 mm
  • Orientation sensor Yes
  • Timelapse recording Yes (by cable and PC)