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Canon Sells More DSLRs Than Anyone Else in 2012

Canon Sells More DSLRs Than Anyone Else in 2012

Even at the high end
For all the flack Canon gets from us passionate pundits, they continue to sell more DSLR cameras than anyone else.

Interchangeable Lens Camera Marketshare for 2012 (Japan)

  1. Canon 28.6%
  2. Nikon 25%
  3. Olympus 14.3%
  4. Sony 13.3%
  5. Panasonic 11.3%

An interesting note about Canon, if you remove the lowend of the DSLR market (Rebels, D3xxx/D5xxx), Canon’s marketshare increases. I imagine the 5D Mark III plays a big part in that, as well as the EOS-1D X.

Canon’s performance in the mirrorless segment cannot be properly measured until the 2013 numbers come in. For 2012, they sat at 2.1% marketshare.

Source: [TH] via [BCN]

Canon EOS-1D X at B&H Photo for $6728



Canon Aims to Sell More Stuff…..

Canon Aims to Sell More Stuff…..

… of course they do
Canon is projecting selling 27% more DSLR cameras this year, to the tune of 9.2 million units. They’re also aiming for a 17% increase in compact camera sales, up to 22 million units.

With DSLR sales growth, lens sales should take a similar path upwards.

Said about their compact segment

“… we will further differentiate and enhance our lineup by launching new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras; furthering the improvement in design and qualities, and by incorporating features such as network, connectivity capabilities.”

Cue the mirrorless rumors.

Source: [SA] via [NL]



A Loose Roadmap [CR1]

A Loose Roadmap [CR1]

What’s coming in 2012
Received some info about a “loose roadmap” for Canon in 2012.

Two things were noted about 2012.

  1. It’s the 25th anniversary of EOS
  2. It’s an Olympic year as well as Euro 2012.

We will see a DSLR that will be showing for CES/PMA in the 2nd week of January 2012. When the announcement for the camera would be was unknown.

A new 1Ds would follow sometime in February.

Photokina would bring about a 5D Mark II replacement as well as a 7D replacement.

All that was said is Canon is concerned about getting production up and then they’ll start announcing lenses. The next round of lenses would be “higher end short focal lengths”.

It was also noted that a lot of existing lenses are on the upgrade schedule, though none were listed.

It was stressed that roadmaps are extremely loose within Canon, and stuff is announced when it’s done. It was noted the trade show schedule isn’t as important as it used to be, though they still want to be talked about at both CES and Photokina.



EF Mount Video Camera [CR1]

EF Mount Video Camera [CR1]

Sooner than Later?
Received an email talking about an EF mount compatible video camera in testing. There are 2 prototypes making the rounds of higher up testers for Canon.

Announcement would be in mid 2012. It was suggested it could be another one of those “in development” announcements.

No word on resolution or specs.



Canon Mirrorless Far Off?

Beyond 2011?
It’s said Canon has introduced a 3rd camera category to its internal designations; DSLR, compact and mirrorless.

However, there is no current timeline or product to fit into the mirrorless category.

We’ve heard in the past that any mirrorless solution would be in the distant future i.e. 2012.

Source [NL]