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Deep Hidden Meanings? EOS 6D/3D?

Deep Hidden Meanings? EOS 6D/3D?

There was a rumor in the past that I said came from the “land of crazy“. After the post a few people piped up and said there was actually something to the rumor.

The person that originally sent me the info also gave me two hints today based on the invititation sent to Swedish journalists.

1) Pay attention to the low light situation of the image.

2) The Number Six and Feng Shui symbols

CR’s Take
Do I think Canon’s marketing department is creative enough to have deep meanings in the images on invitations? In a word, no.

However, I have never had a source be so adamant that what is being told to us is true. I’m hoping for some additional information from other sources.

I do want to thank the source for their continued good humor, I am enjoying it.


“1Dsq” & 3D [CR1]

“1Dsq” & 3D [CR1]

1Ds Mark Squared
Received some information that we talked about many moons ago. The shift of the top end 1D camera to  a square sensor.

The information goes on to say Canon has the technology to do 8-10fps with a 35-40mp image file.

3D Returns
We all love to dream about it, and the 3D is making its annual return to the rumor mill.

From NL

  • 3D full frame – 18MP
  • No built in grip, 1 series ‘style’ build
  • 7D/1D focus
  • Active focus screen (as per 7D)
  • ISO to 102400
  • Video as with 7D

Another vote for a smaller pro camera
Along with the above square sensor information, I was told again to expect a new top end camera body. Again, the “smaller body” was mentioned.


Land of Crazy not so Crazy? [CR1.5]

Land of Crazy not so Crazy? [CR1.5]

Maybe not so crazy
I posted the craziest rumor of the week on Sunday, it didn’t seem at all plausible to me.

One person in particular wrote in saying it may not be that far off. Such a camera was apparently discussed with him/her before Christmas.

Spec List!

  • - New small body FF
  • - Pro AF (45 point same as Eos 1D MKIV)
  • - 16.7 MP
  • - 6 FPS (booster with extra batterygrip up to 9fps)
  • - ISO 100-12800 (L50 / H102400)
  • - Single CF slot
  • - Video as Eos 7D
  • - Msrp $ 4,399

What I was told was the MSRP was way off, the rest of it was relatively on the mark. A CP+ announcement was unknown, as the source was told it would be announced at the end of February.

5D Mark III / 1Ds Mark IV
As most people know, the 5D Mark II completely killed the 1Ds Mark III sales numbers. The same source explains that Canon will move the 5D Mark III into the territory of flagship resolution camera and the 1D Mark IV/V will be the flagship “pro” body. The 1Ds Mark IV will be something completely different, yes, another person saying it.

CR’s Take
The whole Canon DSLR lineup is due for a big shake up, all of this info points to that. I’m not going to commit to all of this being true, but there’s an awful lot of people saying the same thing.


New “Kit Lens” for 5D Mark III? [CR1]

5D Mark III Kit Lens Update?
Received a tip that the 5D Mark III would get an updated “kit” lens.  Whether or not it’s a direct replacement to the 24-105 f/4L IS is unknown.

The likelihood is good that an updated kit lens could appear with the 5D Mark III. If Canon is upping the megapixel amount as much as we think they will, more resolving power is definitely needed.

Other Rumors?
Nothing of major note to mention at this time. Some small bits are still showing up, but nothing beyond the obvious.

If I piece together all I’ve read and been told, there will be 3 full frame cameras coming in 2011. There is nothing concrete about what that 3rd one would be. We know the other 2 (1Ds4 & 5D3).

The fabled 3D perhaps?

It was pointed out the name “3D” could be confusing from a marketing standpoint. Could you really call something “3D” if it doesn’t actually do 3D? There’s a big trend in the electronics world for 3D and it’s only going to grow exponentially in 2011.

I’m still not convinced there’s room for 2 full frame cameras between the 7D and 1D Mark IV. Unless your plan is to merge the 1D line in time.

Price Watch Pages
The price watch pages here at CR have been fixed. They weren’t updating. Sorry about that.


Crazy Stuff – EOS 3D [CR0]

I received these specs today, they’re nothing like anything I’ve received before. So I’m going to post them for fun.

This is a rumors site!

EOS 3D Specifications
- Price: 3499
-27mp Foveon (?)
Foveon is property of Sigma, so that kills the spec list. Unless Canon has their own version.
- 5FPS
- 16bit (16 bit what?)
- BG-E9 Grip, uses 7D & 5D2 battery
- 7D Weathersealing

This one deserves a massive grain of salt like I said earlier.


xD/3D/5D Mark III Rumors [CR1]

More Info
I’ve recevied some more info about a possible replacement of the 50D/5D Mark II.

The source says  a new xD camera is imminent.

The DSLR lineup from Canon will be as follows.
1000D / XS
500D / T1i
550D / T2i
5D Mark II
3D (?)
1D Mark IV
1Ds Mark III

There could be some truth to this, if the price of the 7D is cut like the 5D Mark II’s has been.


New Camera & 3D spotting [CR2]

Stills and Video
Received word of someone speaking at a gathering in the USA about a new camera.

Apparently the new camera is from Canon and shoots HD video and stills at the same time. The camera is a lot different than the 5D Mark II.

That camera is currently being tested outside of Canon.

No word on arrival time.

3D Info
More info about a Canon 3D. This rumor is the longest lasting in the Canon photographic world.

NL received info that the camera will have a relatively  low mp count and the sensor will be optimized for video.

It sort of fits with the above mention of a video/still camera.

Any mention of a “3D” requires an entire quarry of salt.


Slow Day, EOS 3D? :)

So here’s some fun stuff

Want a 3D Camera?

Dean Francis has shown us his version of a Canon 3D camera!

House Tonight
Don’t forget to watch House tonight. It was shot 100% with the Canon 5D Mark II.

Sony NEX Editorial
I played with and fell in love with the Sony NEX cameras at the Henry’s show in Toronto.

I much prefer the feel of the camera over the Micro 4/3 stuff I have used. I cannot wait to get my hands on one for a longer time.

I’d definitely buy the NEX 3