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The Future of the Canon Speedlite [CR1] & More

The Future of the Canon Speedlite [CR1] & More

3 New Speedlites?
Received a bit of a random email saying Canon is currently testing 3 separate Speedlite models. 430 and a 580 replacement, as well as an all new flash line.

A replacement of the ST-E2 was also mentioned, though it wasn’t said whether or not it would be radio based..

1 new Macro flash is also a possibility, there is a small stature Macro flash being tested I’m told. It may be launched with a new EF-S macro lens. used gear has added more used Canon gear for sale, including a 70-200 f/2.8L IS II.


Contest Update
I am still sorting through photos. Getting them down to 10 in each category is taking time. Ones opinion of an image really can change depending on your own personal mood.

The finalists are coming very soon.



New Speedlites [CR1]

New Speedlites [CR1]

New Speedlites?
I get a lot of questions about new Speedlites. Especially the 580EX II.

The latest bits of information I have received have said the new flagship flash has been in development for some time and various prototypes exist. There were some issues with earlier prototypes and some redesign was needed.

Another bit of information suggested both the 430 and 580 would be updated at the same time. They may also get new model numbers beyond a version III. A new 580 prototype is said to have a higher guide number, so the model number would reflect that if chosen for production.

No word on whether or not a video light would be built into either like the 320EX.

I would only expect a flagship Speedlite announcement with or around the announcement of a higher end body.



The Future of the Flash? [CR1]

The Future of the Flash? [CR1]

New Flash system in late 2011/early 2012
Canon going radio trigger wireless?

That’s the latest bit of info sent this weekend.

Canon will release a new flagship flash, as well as a replacement to the 580 EX II.

The flagship flash will have new features unseen in a Canon Speedlite before. No word on whether or not it would have some video features.

The ST-E2 will remain current, however a new radio trigger will be launched alongside the flashes.

First time submission, so take it with a grain of salt.



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