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4 More DSLRs Coming in 2012? [CR2]

4 More DSLRs Coming in 2012? [CR2]

More to come
Received some information that Canon is far from done as far as camera launches go for 2012. I am being told that 4 more DSLRs are coming in 2012.

Which cameras?
It’s unknown if the expected mirrorless entry counts against the mentioned 4 camera bodies.

Speculation about what the 4 cameras could possibly be are below.

1) “Entry Level” full frame camera. Think of it as a direct replacement for the 5D Mark II.

2) Prosumer APS-C, possibly the 70D and not a direct replacement of the 7D.

3) The big megapixel entry, mentioned to be an EOS-1D style body.

4) A mirrorless entry.

If the mirrorless doesn’t count against the 4 purported camera bodies, I’m unsure what else Canon could have up their sleeves for the EOS line. A few people have suggested a 5D in the cinema EOS lineup, however I don’t think that’s likely until after the EOS-1D C starts shipping in late 2012.



The Big Megapixel Body in 2013?

The Big Megapixel Body in 2013?

More Pixels…
There are various reports that Canon won’t release the big 35+ mp camera until 2013. I’ve even heard the suggestion they’ll come in at 40mp+.  Canon does feel that their 20mp range for DSLRs is the best course for the moment. Customer demand will probably dictate whether or not they get into the big megapixel market. I do feel it’s inevitable that it’ll happen in the next 12 months.

There’s a big price gap between the 5D Mark III at $3500 and the 1D X at $6799 that I think needs filled. APS-H is dead, so something has to go in there around $4500-$5000. Judging by the initial sales of the 5D Mark III, people are willing to pay a lot of money for high end digital SLRs.

Source: [NL]



*BUSTED* 5D Mark III & 5D X Specs?

*BUSTED* 5D Mark III & 5D X Specs?

Simonxu11 on our forum busted this one pretty quickly. It appears at least one of these spec lists appeared last May on Camera Gear Guide.

thanks Simon

The split in the line is still something that has come from a few places. The most common resolution numbers for each camera are 22mp and 34mp. Again, everyone is pointing to two full frame cameras under the 1D X.

New Specs?
The following specs have shown up on a Chinese web store. How factual it is, I am unsure. Some of the specs I’ve seen, others I haven’t. However, if there’s a split of the 5D line, and all signs point that way, some specs may be getting mashed across each model. More about the split in a bit.

5D Mark III (source)
19 AF Points
Wireless Flash Operation

5D X (source)

61 AF points

thanks stefan & bernd



5D Mark III/X Variation & New Flagship Speedlite? [CR1]

5D Mark III/X Variation & New Flagship Speedlite? [CR1]

5D Mark III/X Specs
A slightly different spec list for the coming 5D3/5Dx. It mentions the camera using the 1D Mark IV AF system and not the 1D X’s 61pt AF. This is the first I’ve heard that. Definitely not a bad thing if true.

Also mentioned is an upgrade in weather sealing to match the 7D. I have heard of leaking 7D’s, so I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

Replacement of the 580?
A new flagship flash may be coming shortly. No guide number was given, but a suggestion it will use radio to trigger flashes. It may also trigger cameras.


Announcement Soon [CR3]

Announcement Soon [CR3]

Get ready
Things are heating up and we’re going to see an announcement soon. February 28, 2012 is still shaping up as the day of an announcement, though it could be a week later. We’ll be seeing a full frame camera announced. We’re still unsure if it’ll be a 5D Mark III or a 5D X.

The next 90 days could be pretty exciting for the Canon community. Expect a bunch of announcements. This isn’t [CR3], but it sounds like we’ll see at least 2 full frame cameras announced before NAB in April. One will probably be the 4K camera. Also expect more lens announcements.