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1Ds Mark IV for Photokina [CR1.5]

Is it really?
I’ve been told that a 1Ds Mark IV announcement can be expected for the Canon EXPO & Photokina. Availability of the camera could be some time after (2 months?).

Canon will make a “big splash” this fall with 3 digital SLR’s and a “revolutionary” PowerShot.

Too good to be true?

Steven Alvarez posted that his friend is indeed testing the 1Ds Mark IV.

Yeah, weird rating! I know the source, but they have about a 50% batting average.


50D & SX1 Replacements Next Week?

…. A Canon rep said
The August 11 announcement date is brought up again. This time from a Canon Rep in the southern hemisphere.

“The 50D and SX1 replacements will be announced next week.”

A few more confirmations of the S90 not appearing on new pricing lists in a few countries.

No lenses mentioned for next week yet. This makes me think there will be 2 rounds of announcements.


1Ds Mark IV & More [CR1]

1Ds Mark IV
Stephen Alvarez (NG Photographer) posted a tidbit of information on his blog.  4-5 people sent this link in, so I’ll pass it onto the rest.

“A friend told me that there are some Canon 1ds MK IV test models floating around.”

Nothing extraordinary.

I was just told the S90 has officially reached EOL (End of Life).

August 30/31
I received info that this is a timeframe that a new DSLR would be announced. I wasn’t told which model. Just that it would be as revolutionary as the 5D Mark II was. I was promised better information from this person in the next couple of weeks.


DXO Pulls 60D Info

There we have it
I was getting worried because the 60D info was still on the DXO site last night.

However, it’s gone now.

I still receive emails that there will be “no 60D”, it’s safe to say this confirms those emails incorrect and we should see 60D’s starting to ship in late September or into October.

All Gone:


DXO Gives Away 60D?

60D Confirmation?

From DXO
This may quiet the folks that keep mailing cr that there will be “no 60D”.

I checked the site hard to make sure there was no way for people to add this info, as has happened with previous DXo “leaks”.

There isn’t a D30 or 10D on this list either, so I will say it isn’t a D60 typo that can be common.

Read More:

thanks frederic


60D Flip Screen Saga [CR2]

Yes or no?
A very good source has come out and said the 60D is just “around the corner” and will feature a flip LCD.

This was the only spec given at this time.


Announcement & Lots of Stuff [CR1]

Announcement first
If not tomorrow, when?

There’s an event coming September 2 to September 3, the Canon EXPO 2010. This event comes every 5 years, there’s no way Canon goes into it without showing the goods.

I’ve heard from a few sources about an August 11, 2010 announcement date. I have not confirmed this.

It will happen before the Canon EXPO 2010.

What will be announced?
We have the 2000D, 60D and 24-70 IS as the most talked about products.

What about the 1Ds Mark IV?
I have heard absolutely nothing about this camera for the last 2 weeks or so. I have no answers on the topic.


No Announcement Tomorrow? [CR1]

New Info
I received some info that the “Special Epic Event” will in fact be a wedding photography seminar.

We’re told no 60D announcement on July 13, but expect it in August.

We shall see.


2000D & 60D [CR1]

I’m told the 2000D will have the articulating screen that has been sometimes rumored to be a feature of the 60D.

A few features sent in today. Could be crazy.

- A New Liveview/EOS Movie AF system that is much faster than what is currently available.
- Some kind of a rotating grip for making video shooting easier.

No idea what to make of this stuff, it’s the first I’ve heard of any of it.


Announcement Dates & 60D Specs [CR2]

Where is the stuff?!
We’ve reported before that July 13, 2010 could be an announcement date for some Canon photographic products.

If you go there and check out August 25, you’ll see a “Special Epic Event”. It mentions an announcement for July 13, 2010.

Could they just be announcing a workshop and nothing more? Possible, I was burned by that once before.

However, this is the 3rd clue as to July 13 being an announcement day.

60D Specs
I receive a new spec list almost hourly, oh what to believe.

If I go with the people that have been right in the past (not always), then this is what we have.

  • 18mp
  • New 9AF point system.
  • 5 Crosstype Sensors, all f/5.6 except for the f/2.8 Center
  • Articulating Screen
  • 6fps (A drop of .3)
  • Full HD Recording Mode
  • Wireless Flash Transmitter
  • New Battery & Grip
  • 98% VF
  • Weather Seals like the 50D
  • Still back and forth on the formfactor.
  • I still remember being told once about a new exciting feature never seen in an EOS camera before.

I do not expect a 1Ds Mark IV to be announced at this time. I’m receiving no news about such a camera.

There could be a few PowerShots announced with the 60D, but not the G12 or SX30 (if that’s what they’re called).