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Canon EOS 5D “X” Speculation

Canon EOS 5D “X” Speculation

5D Mark III, 7D Mark II or neither?
The camera that popped up today has brought about a lot of questions of what it might be. I’ve seen speculation from a few places that perhaps the camera is a replacement for both the 7D and 5D Mark II.  The camera definitely looks to be full frame, however there is a lot of the “sporty” features of the 7D.

The Leak
The pictures taken for this leak are pretty extraordinary compared to the stuff we’ve seen in the past. I’ve been asked if there has been a change in the way Canon is treating viral marketing, and I have no answer for that right now.

It is interesting that Nikon “leaked’ their D800 a little while ago, and the perceived direct competitor from Canon also leaks.

More to come I’m sure.



7D Mark II for Photokina? [CR1]

7D Mark II for Photokina? [CR1]

7D Mark II
I’m told along with others that a 7D Mark II will be one of the big items Canon shows at Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany.

I’m told the camera will be APS-C, even though there have been murmurs about it being APS-H.

B&H Deal on the 7D
Speaking of the 7D, B&H has a deal on it kitted with the EF-S 18-135 IS for $1575 shipped (USA). (Buy)



5D Mark III & More Information [CR1]

5D Mark III & More Information [CR1]

Random bits of information
5D Mark III (or similar) announced in the February timeframe.

  • Different sensor than the 1D Mark V
  • It is still not clear whether it will have 26, 28 or 32 megapixel.
  • The sensor tech of the 1D Mark V will be used for future crop bodies e.g. the 7D Mark II.
  • The 7D Mark II is a late 2012 camera.
  • Expect significantly better noise reduction in high ISO modes.
  • Another full frame camera for sports and press this fall?
  • Announcements could be as early as the week of August 29, 2011.

EF 14-24 f/2.8L
I’m told this will be announced in Q1 2012.

CR’s Take
This is a big [CR1], I am posting information that is at least plausible. Grain of salt and all that. Various rumor sites are going to get a lot of stuff coming our way in the next few weeks, sorting it is always a challenge.



The Land of Crazy or…. ? [CR1]

The Land of Crazy or…. ? [CR1]

Rumors are flooding my inbox. Most of which I cannot substantiate to any degree. I figured it would be fun to post the most recent “roadmap” type of rumors.

Some of the below stuff has appeared on other rumor sites, as well as various blogs and tweets I’ve seen. I’ll give you my opinion on this stuff at the bottom.

August 2011 7D Mark II

  • 24 Mega pixel Full Frame
  • Dual Digic V
  • Will be a partial replacement for the discontinued 1D Mark IV

September 2011 1D Mark V

  • 32 Mega pixel Full Frame
  • Dual Digic V
  • Will be a partial replacement for the discontinued 1D Mark IV and complete the merging of the 1D line

March 2012 5D Mark III

  • 32 Mega pixel Full Frame
  • Digic V
  • New 11 point AF system
  • Will have the best video features of the EOS line

CR’s Take
7D Mark II being a fullframe camera and “partially” replacing the  1D Mark IV? Not likely for a couple of reasons.

  • The model name “7D” would go against Canon’s naming strategy. I can’t see a Mark II of the current camera, overtaking the 5D Mark III in pricepoint and features. Name this camera “3D” and it makes sense. It was said the 70D would move to where the 7D current sits, an APS-C camera with lots of features above the Rebel. There could be some truth to that, the price difference between the 60D and T3i is tiny. I’m going to wager that any 7D direct replacement will remain an APS-C camera.
  • The other issue I see with this theory is folks that currently have a 7D with EF-S lenses. A lot of 7D buyers are very likely to have purchased a 10-22 and/or a 17-55 f/2.8 IS, not allowing them to bring their lenses to a Mark II version would be silly.

The 1D/1Ds merger talk comes around a fair bit. I do believe it’s going to happen. When? Not sure.

5D Mark III not until 2012? There has been A LOT of talk in regards to the release of the 5D Mark III. Everything recently has said it will be announced next year. Next year is a Photokina year, although I’m not sure that influences Canon’s marketing. There is going to be a lot of talk about the camera, and none of the regulars that are correct have sent me any information.

One constant remains from the stream of stuff I’m receiving, there will be a shakeup in the lineup.



Delays Abound?

Delays Abound?

I am receiving lots of information about delays with current products, as well as future products.

Below is what I am told is the delay in regards to manufacturing times of new current cameras

  • 1D Mark IV – 2-4 Months
  • 5D Mark II –  1-2 Months
  • 7D – 1-2 Month

New Camera Announcements
We have always been told the 1Ds replacement would be in 2012, now we are hearing the next 5D will also be 2012. [NL] alluded to that as well.

Current time frames for new cameras.

  • 1Ds Mark IV – Early 2012
  • 1D Mark V – Early 2012
  • 5D Mark III – Late 2011 – Mid 2012
  • 7D Mark II – Late 2012
  • 70D – Early 2013
  • T4i – Early 2012

This stuff will move around, but I reiterate there is a ton of uncertainty.

I’ve received nothing in regards to arrival of the announced lens, I’ll keep asking.