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EOS 7D Firmware 1.2.3

Firmware version 1.2.3 incorporates the following fixes.

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the settings of the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 revert to the default settings when both the camera and the ST-E2 are set to auto power off.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the Macro Ring Lite (MR-14EX, MT24-EX) and slave flashes do not sync while shooting wirelessly.

Download the firmware

thanks Olivier


EOS 7D Firmware 1.2.2

Firmware Version 1.2.2 incorporates the following fixes.

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the set aperture moves when shooting movies in manual exposure mode using some Canon lenses (such as macro lenses).
  • Fixes the AF point-selection behavior of the C.Fn III-7 (Manual AF pt. selec. pattern) custom function when set to [1].
  • Fixes the AF point display for the viewfinder electronic level when shooting in the vertical position.
  • Corrects misspellings in the Spanish and Thai menus for applicable products.



D10 Replacement & More

New Waterproof Soon
A sign a new waterproof camera is on its way is Canon Canada seems to be replaceing broken D10′s with whole new cameras, instead of fixing them.

I’ve seen this once before with a midlevel PowerShot, and sure enough it was replaced shortly after.

There are lots of factors that probably go into these decisions, but cost of warehousing them is definitely a factor. A discontinued PowerShot is a hard sell for retailers outside of the G series.

Theres also perception issues and high administrative costs to just pricedrop a camera to get rid of them.

Entire 2010/2011 Season of House By Canon DSLR?
I received information that the makers of House plan to shoot the entire next season with the 5D Mark II and possibly the 7D.

However, this time they would be adapting PV & possibly PL lenses.


GPS Grips [CR1]

Making the rounds
With sales figures of the grossly overpriced WiFi grips not going so well, it’s been suggested new grips will be coming for a few cameras. The grips will be GPS capable.

If it were true, I’d expect to see them for the xxD and 7D initially

The source claims the GPS grips will not have WiFi as well.


Canon Rebates USA

New rebates from Canon USA
Save up to $200 when you purchase an EOS Rebel T2i (body or select kit combination) or up to $250 when you purchase an EOS 7D (body or select kit combination) between April 29, 2010 – June 5, 2010.

Read More (PDF):


Canon EOS 7D Firmware 1.2.1 Available

Firmware Version 1.2.1 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

  • Extends the timing at which the high temperature warning indicator is displayed and the timing of automatic shut down of the camera due to a rise in internal temperature during Live View or EOS Movie functions.
  • Optimizes program shift when the ISO setting of the camera is set to AUTO.
  • Corrects a misspelling in the French-language menu.
  • Corrects a phenomenon in which vertical magenta-colored banding appears in still images taken in movie-shooting mode.(This only occurs when in Manual exposure mode and when the ISO speed is set to “H”. Note that this phenomenon only affects units with Firmware Version 1.2.0)

Download Here:

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*UPDATE* Canon 7D Firmware 1.2.0?

*UPDATE* What’s the firmware do?
I received some info about firmware 1.2.0. It is a legitimate version.

- Fixes issues related to poor quality third party batteries.
- Added code for upcoming remotes, accessories and lenses.

The source is a good one.

5D Mark II Issue (Direct Quote)

Also, 5DII twitch (confirmed as a metering spike) is known – keeps things looking even for the sensor which fluctuates charge/discharge based upon several criteria.  It’s working properly when it does this, sensing changes that are electronic and compensating for image continuity.  It allows for smooth transitions, both while focusing and for proper exposure.  The sudden opening and closing “bridges” the gap during a discharge.  It is inherently random.


A post on POTN shows a 7D with what appears to be firmware version 1.2.0. The current official version from Canon is version 1.1.0.

New Firmware Coming?

See the thread for more:

No word yet on what fixes or features were addressed. It’s after April 1, so I think we can assume it’s not a PS job.

Thanks Troy