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Canon Australia Laying off 10% of Workforce

Canon Australia Laying off 10% of Workforce

From Photo Counter Australia
Canon Australia will sack almost 10 percent of its Australian staff following a dramatic downturn in profit (before income tax) in its 2013 financial year from $38.6 million (2012) to just $4.1 million.

Canon will outsource some of the roles covered by approximately 100 staff in ‘administration and back-office support jobs’ to business process management firms Genpact and Convergys, and is reported as saying the restructure will ‘streamline its office operations to increase efficiencies and better serve its customers’.

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*UPDATE* Canon Australia Announcement?

Canon Australia really needs to rethink how they use the word “exciting”.

It is a truly exciting event for us to be nearing our 50,000th World of EOS member. We definitely wouldn’t be able to do it without your help and we hope that we will get to greater heights as we continue to provide added value for our World of EOS members both now and in the future. Cheers, the Canon team.

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1Ds4 & 5D3 Timetable [CR1]

1Ds4 & 5D3 Timetable [CR1]

A new timetable?
Comments from Australia [NL].

  • The 5D Mark III will come at least 6 months after the 1Ds replacement. If a 1Ds is announced in April, that would put a 5D3 in the Oct 2011 timeframe. That would be just over 3 years since the 5D Mark II
  • The EF-S line of lenses are not high on the list of priorities at Canon.
  • “L” lenses and the development of them are whats needed to get the most out of the 18mp crop sensors.
  • Australia could expect price drops in April to combat the grey market.

I will note, I have not yet heard from the “2012 for the 1Ds replacement” folks in a while.