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Our Coverage of CES 2012

Our Coverage of CES 2012

Welcome to CES 2012
We’ve arrived and are ready to cover all things Canon! We’ll also be coving a few other things too.

I have posted a page that we’ll update throughout the day. You’ll see it at the top left of the site.

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Canon Super-35mm Cinema Sensor Explained

Canon Super-35mm Cinema Sensor Explained

Canon EOS C300 Whitepapers
Canon has released two whitepapers for the upcoming Canon EOS C300 video camera. The first one talks about the sensor and its design considerations.

New 35mm CMOS Image Sensor for Digital Cine Motion Imaging


A novel new CMOS large-format single-sensor imager has been developed. It is intended to originate very high quality HD video, and it embodies a number of important technologies that collectively should support the goal to allow image capture that comes closer to the superlative imaging qualities of 35mm motion picture film.

The second whitepaper talks mostly about the system processing of the digital signal.

Sensitometric Characteristics of the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera


An important new 35mm single image sensor has been developed. It offers video imaging attributes reflective of the most contemporary in CMOS imager technology, and has elevated HD digital motion imaging to a plane that offers a viable creative alternative to 35mm motion picture film.

A great breakdown can be read at Image Sensor World.



More Noise Comparisons, C300 vs Red Scarlet

More Noise Comparisons, C300 vs Red Scarlet

Bring on the noise
It was inevitable, but now we have a comparison of the Canon EOS C300 & Red Scarlet when it comes to high ISO noise performance.

From Cinema5D

In all, it’s clear that the C300’s new sensor excels in low light situations, which will allow for whole new ways of filmmaking in dark zones, were much less artificial light can be used to accentuate something.

Source: [C5D] via [NL]



Canon C300 C-Log vs Sony F3 S-Log

Canon C300 C-Log vs Sony F3 S-Log

From Sebastian Wiegartner
German filmaker Sebastian Wiegärtner has spent some time with the new Canon C300 and compares its noise performance against the Sony F3. At the end he also throws in the Canon 7D for good measure.

from Wiegartnerfilms

I like the form factor of the C300, wow, what a bummer. But I also like the superb image out of my Sony F3 with S-Log and the ability shooting 4:4:4 1080p with 60 frames per seconds. You can get a Sony F3 with S-Log for € 13,900 in Europe (without external recorder – full set incl. KiPro recorder costs you € 14,400), of course more expensive than the C300, but you can upgrade later if you need 4:4:4 or S-Log for a project. Personally I want to own both of these great cameras!

You can read the entire article here.



“Revealing” Canon C300 Test Video

More C300 eye candy and praise
Jon Yi
has provided a fantastic “test” video from the new Canon EOS C300. His conclusion, “C300 = awesome”.

There’s some great info about ISO performance and workflow. A worthwhile watch.

There’s a little bit of language and “skin” in the video, so if you’re easily offended, don’t press ‘play’.

From Jon Yi

In early Fall 2011, I shot some footage with a pre-production model of the Canon EOS C300 for one week in NYC. I created an article and a video for Canon based on my experiences with the camera. The video is meant to poke fun at most camera test videos I’ve seen over the years. Canon, not thrilled with my sense of humor, does not credit or condone this video, but I think it shows a lot of the camera’s strengths.

You can read my full article about the EOS C300

I believe that Canon made a beautiful camera that is sensible, reliable and portable in a way that I’ve always dreamed a camera could be. It prioritizes great skin tone and has higher ISO sensitivity than any other camera out there.

I know there’s nothing I can say to change the minds of the RED fan club. For the rest of the skeptics, I think once you get your hands on it you’ll understand how great this camera really is. Please buy this camera in January and go film some good skin tones in the dark. You’ll love it.

Thanks go out to all my friends for helping me with this.

Visit Planet5D & Jon Yi for more on the video.



Canon Cinema EOS Interview

Canon Cinema EOS Interview

From Amateur Photographer
Amateur Photographer (via NL) sat down with Peter Yabsley, a business development manager from Canon Europe, to talk about Cinema EOS.

An excerpt

AP: Will the EOS and EOS cinema departments be working quite closely together now?

MB: Since the 5D there’s been a process of working together, interconnecting working and sharing technologies and it will be beneficial throughout the range. You may not see it now but broadcast is helping EOS, EOS is helping cinema and so forth. We’re seeing it now it the EOS 1DX, adding timecode to video for instance – the video guys helped show the stills guys how timecode operates and there’s more than just the one option on there.

Read the full interview



Canon EOS C300 Price Drop Already? [CR1]

Canon EOS C300 Price Drop Already? [CR1]

$20,000 too much scratch?
There’s a rumor on the DVXuser forums that Canon has indeed dropped the price of the upcoming EOS C300 to €12,000, that converts to about $16,000 USD.

Is a rumoured new pricepoint to shift your desire for a Red Scarlett over to the C300?

Source: [Planet5D]



Two More EF Cine Primes in the Works

Two More EF Cine Primes in the Works

More EF Cine Lenses Coming
According to Erik Allen at Canon there are two more EF Cine prime lenses in the pipeline. An ultra wide solution, as well as a telephoto prime.

From Erik:

There’s also two more of the Cinema Primes, one would be an ultra-wide and one would be a telephoto over and above what we have already announced so we have two more in the pipeline and from there we will see where the market tells us we need to go.

10 Things You May Not Know About the EOS C300 & Future of Cinema EOS
Photographer Dan Carr posted a great article on his site about the C300 and Cinema EOS announcements.

Read it here



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