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Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine

Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine

There was a hiccup with the coupon code for this deal, it has been corrected!

A Magazine?
Yes, there’s still great magazines out there!

Roy Ramsay at Outdoor Photography Canada has been producing a quarterly nature photography magazine for a few years.

It’s not only for Canadians though, there are lots of people around the globe that subscribe. Canada is a wonderfully diverse country to photograph, and the success of the magazine is proof of that.

Outdoor Photography Canada has been kind enough to offer Canon Rumors readers 40% off a subscription.

Coupon Code Here: Sponsorship Forum Thread

Web Site:

This is a high quality magazine. You can tell as soon as you touch it. Great images, articles and quality. I highly recommend it.



Blue Crane DVD Giveaway Winners

Blue Crane DVD Giveaway Winners

I have notified the winners of the Blue Crane DVD giveaway via the private message service on the forums.

The Bad News
Some folks guessed the right answer, but didn’t specify which video they wanted to receive. This disqualified the entry. It was important to me that people received videos they wanted. Sorry for that, but it was specified in the contest rules.

The Winning Answer
I asked you to rank 4 specific cameras in order of importance according to me!

  1. 5D Mark II
  2. 300D / Digital Rebel
  3. 1Ds
  4. 1D Mark IV

I used to rank the 300D/Digital Rebel #1, but I think the 5D Mark II has really done more to change and advance digital SLRs. I understand most of that is to do with video, but a lot of people also bought this camera because of the amazing files that come from this full frame beauty. We all wish it had the 7D AF in it, but that’s what Mark IIIs are for!

You’re all winners!
Blue Crane Digital is offering 15% to Canon Rumors readers. Just use the coupon code “canonrumors” without the quotes during checkout. The coupon code is valid until March 31, 2011.

More giveaways soon!