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Review – Canon EOS 80D

Review – Canon EOS 80D

By Canon Rumors | June 30, 2016 | Canon Reviews

Dustin has completed our review of the Canon EOS 80D, a DSLR that was announced with very little fanfare, but just may be the best APS-C camera Canon has ever made, apologies to the EOS 7D Mark II. I liked the 7D Mark II, but I love the 80D and shoot with a fair bit.

While there were a number of people that looked at the announcement of the 80D and said, “yawn”, I have yet to hear from anyone who has used the camera who didn’t love it. It is more camera in the field than it is on paper, and the key word that I and others are using of it is versatility. It just seems to be pretty much good at everything. It handles well, has great image quality, and is generally a joy to shoot with. The upgraded AF system makes it a viable competitor to the 7DII, though that camera should probably still be the ultimate choice for sports or wildlife shooters. But the Canon EOS 80D is the jack of all trades, good enough at everything to make many owners very happy. Read the full review

Canon EOS 80D Body: B&H Photo | Amazon | Adorama | Canon Store

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Scores an 88 on DXOMark

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Scores an 88 on DXOMark

By Canon Rumors | June 29, 2016 | Canon DSLR News

DXOMark has completed their review of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and has given the camera a sensor score of 88. This is the highest score ever for a Canon DSLR.

The Canon performs exceptionally well. Not only does it have a wider useful dynamic range at base and low ISOs than the Nikon, it’s not far behind the Sony, and that small difference won’t be noticed in use. The Canon sensor continues to offer a wide dynamic range at every ISO setting, improving on the Sony from ISO800 onwards, and falling only slightly behind the Nikon’s strong performance from ISO6400 onwards. Indeed, the difference at most is around +0.6EV. Canon cameras are known for high ISO noise performance, and the Mark II surpasses both the Nikon and Sony by nearly +0.5EV. Read the full review

I have enjoyed using the camera in multiple types of situations, I do believe this is the best DSLR Canon has ever released and will give any owner years and years of great results.

EOS-1D X Mark II Image Corruption with Sandisk CFast Cards

EOS-1D X Mark II Image Corruption with Sandisk CFast Cards

By Canon Rumors | June 28, 2016 | Canon DSLR News

Thank you for using Canon products.

It has been confirmed that when shooting still images with the EOS-1D X Mark II digital SLR camera launched in April 2016 with SanDisk CFast cards, the following phenomenon will occur.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to users who have been inconvenienced by this issue.


If a SanDisk CFast card is inserted into the camera or a card reader, the bottom part of still images recorded may be corrupted.

This phenomenon is confirmed in images recorded in both the RAW and JPEG formats.
In the RAW file, the image corruption may appear in the bottom right corner of the image.
In the JPEG file, the image corruption may appear in the lower third area of the image.

Please Note:
Movie recording is not affected by this phenomenon.
Still images or movies recorded to CF cards are not affected by this phenomenon.

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Sigma Finally Ready to Enter the Cinema Lens Market?

Sigma Finally Ready to Enter the Cinema Lens Market?

By Canon Rumors | June 27, 2016 | Third Party Lenses

There are a few reports out there that Sigma will finally enter the cinema lens market, and we could see some kind of announcement ahead of Photokina in September.

The subject came up back in July 2014 in an interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki, who gave the standard “no comment”, which is generally a confirmation of sorts.

Photokina does seem like an odd place to announce a new line of cinema lenses, however we could get a development announcement of sorts and then the big splash could come in April at NAB.

Canon CEO: “Very Dismayed” by Brexit, Could Halt Japan Recovery

Canon CEO: “Very Dismayed” by Brexit, Could Halt Japan Recovery

By Canon Rumors | June 24, 2016 | Canon Business General

From Reuters:

Canon Inc Chief Executive Fujio Mitarai said on Friday he was “very dismayed” by Britain’s shock decision to leave the European Union, saying the move hurt Japan’s economic growth prospects.

“In Japan, while we can expect to see a temporary surge in the value of the yen, the U.K.’s decision could also bring a halt to the economic recovery that had been underway,” Mitarai, head of the camera and printer maker, said in a statement.

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