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New Lenses in January [CR1]

New Lenses in January [CR1]

Two f/4 Telephotos Coming
I’m told we can expect two new f/4 telephotos to be announced in January, 2013.

The first will be an EF 300 f/4L IS II, you can obviously expect better coatings, IS and a slightly lighter weight.

The second is said to be an EF 400 f/4L IS, no mention of it being a DO lens. With the price of the coming EF 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x, mixed with the also expensive 400 f/4 DO IS, there is probably a big market for a 400 f/4 prime that is “affordable”.



Patent: Canon EF 300 f/4L IS II

Patent: Canon EF 300 f/4L IS II

New Patent
Canon has filed a patent for the optical formula of a new EF 300 f/4L IS II.

Patent Publication No. 2012-159726

  • 2012.8.23 Release Date
  • 2011.2.1 filing date

Example 3

  • F = 300mm focal length
  • Fno. 4.0
  • Tele ratio 0.68
  • Inner Focus
  • φr = 68.8mm
  • φg1 = 67.8mm
  • φg2 = 70.2mm
Canon EF 300 f/4L IS at B&H Photo
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