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Review: Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro

Review: Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro

By Canon Rumors | January 16, 2018 | Canon Reviews

Photography Blog has completed their review of the brand new Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro.

This focal length in a tilt-shift is usually used for portrait & product photography, but you may also find some uses for it shooting landscapes.

The Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8 L Macro Lens is a specialist lens, with a high asking price which probably excludes most ordinary enthusiasts from buying it. It does however make for an excellent option for rental, especially if you’re not sure if you want one – or if you have the patience to learn how to properly use it. Some of the more creative effects it produces can be a bit gimmicky, so again, renting it makes sense to see if you think you will get much use out of the effects.

Canon has produced a superb lens here, with excellent sharpness, high image quality and fantastic build quality. It is a more than worthy replacement for the older 90mm tilt shift lens, considering it now has “L” series designation and macro capability. Just like other tilt shift lenses, you pay a premium to own it, but for those who need one, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Read the full review

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Canon Was Quiet at CES 2018, Expect More Noise Next Month Ahead of CP+

Canon Was Quiet at CES 2018, Expect More Noise Next Month Ahead of CP+

By Canon Rumors | January 15, 2018 | Canon DSLR Rumors

We sent this information out last Friday in our newsletter with some hopes of further confirming the following information. We know a couple of additional things that we cannot publish at this time.

Canon was the quietest it has ever been at CES if my memory services me correctly. Though they did show some neat concept cameras.

We didn’t get a PowerShot announcement for CES 2018, which wasn’t all that surprising. Cameras tend to get lost in technology that will never reach market and televisions.

We expect two rounds of announcements ahead of CP+ 2018, which begins on March 1, 2018 in Yokohama, Japan.

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Review: Canon TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro

Review: Canon TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro

By Canon Rumors | January 15, 2018 | Canon Reviews

Photography BLOG has completed their review of the brand new Canon TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro.

This appears to have already been quite a popular lens with Canon shooters, as I’ve received tons of thoughts and praises for the lens. I do know a couple of interior and architectural photographers that have been using a lot since getting their hands on it.

As expected, this new tilt-shift lens from Canon performs up to expectations.

This is a very specialist lens which is not for everybody. The high asking price probably precludes most enthusiasts, but for those who have a need for such a lens, you’ll probably find that it gets a lot of usage. It’s the perfect lens to rent for a couple of weeks to see whether you like it before investing in – you may also want to rent the other two new lenses to see which matches your personal preferences best.

Overall, the Canon TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro Lens is a very impressive performer. Having the macro ability, as well as the L series designation makes it a fantastic improvement on the previous TS-E 45mm f/2.8 tilt shift lens, but you do of course pay a premium for it. Read the full review

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Factory Update: EOS-1D C: Firmware Version 1.4.1

Factory Update: EOS-1D C: Firmware Version 1.4.1

By Canon Rumors | January 15, 2018 | Canon Firmware

Thank you for using Canon products.

Firmware Version 1.4.1 incorporates the following improvements and fixes:

  1. Changes the maximum number of “Release cycles” displayed from 1,000,000 cycles to 9,999,000 cycles. This value can be checked under the “Camera system information” menu.
  2. Fixes a phenomenon in which a synchronization failure may occur during multiple flash shooting.
  3. Fixes a phenomenon in which Error 80 occurs depending on the shutter release timing.

Firmware Version 1.4.1 includes all improvements and fixes provided in previous firmware versions.

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Is Kodak Coin a Scam?

Is Kodak Coin a Scam?

By Canon Rumors | January 14, 2018 | Industry News

Kodak Coin was announced to much confusion last week at CES. Beyond they coin, they also announced a mining computer, that most discarded as a complete scam, as it didn’t take into account the average of a 15% decline in revenue per month while mining bitcoin.

The initial coin offering for Kodak Coin is January 31, 2018

Photo Rumors has summarized a whole bunch of coverage on the new Kodak Coin, and there isn’t much said that’s all that positive about the new crpytocurrency.

“But what you definitely didn’t hear about (and that we were only made aware of this morning via MarketWatch) was that apparently on January 8th, the day before the big announcements, seven members of Kodak’s board of directors had acquired derivative securities (which are convertible into common stock); this according to SEC filings. So, in other words, the day before this major announcement many members of the board of directors got in a position to take advantage of the growth in Kodak stock when the announcements hit the following day. In fact, of those seven directors, two of them made stock sales on the 9th, and two more of them converted the derivatives they had just acquired and converted them into stock before selling them. So, four of the seven directors of Kodak made money on the announcement…” (Thephoblographer)

We found a deleted page that reveals the paparazzi roots of Kodak Coin: “The evidence strongly suggests that Kodak Coin is the re-branding of an initial coin offering called RYDE coin that never got much attention and was apparently aborted days before Kodak Coin was announced. Until recently, the project had a page on the crowdfunding site Start Engine. The page is no longer there, but Google cached a copy of the site on January 3.” (Arstechnica)

Despite being branded under the slogan “in math we trust,” Kodak’s proposition is indeed difficult to fathom from a mathematical perspective. As Ammous notes, given changes in Bitcoin block difficulty, anyone purchasing the two-year contract now would face ultimate gainsin 2020 amounting to around 30% of their upfront payment. This is far from the $9000 or $5600 gains the company promises.

Head over to Photo Rumors for even more news about the new Kodak Coin.

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