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1Ds Mark IV & A New “Hybrid Flagship” [CR1]

File this under “I was speaking to….”
“the person said that Canon’s primary focus with the 1Ds Mark IV was per pixel sharpness and dynamic range.”

Expect an announcement “soon”.

Hybrid Flagship
The 2nd part of the same email spoke of “A dream camera for any pro photographer and cinematographer that needs the ultimate image and movie quality in difficult light environment”

The camera has been in testing for a short time now.

- A lower mp full frame Sensor
- Dynamic range optimized
- Raw video
- Continuous focus on video mode
- Smaller form factor than 1D series.

CR’s Take
Does that sound too good to be true? I would have said “yes” a year ago, not now though.

If Canon had spent $5 on market research, they would have discovered there is a massive market for a low megapixel/high iso performance professional hybrid DSLR.

Take this with a big grain of salt. However, such a camera is very possible.


EF Video Camera Specs [CR1]

Canon’s RED?
Received this spec list in regards to a video camera with an EF mount.

- Unconventional case, more like a Hasselblad.
- Alloy heatsink for extended shoot times and lower heat related picture noise.
- FF 4k sensor, no line skipping and much reduced jello effect
- ISO 100-1600
- Pellicle Mirror however it can be flipped up if a OVF isn’t required to regain the lost 2/3 stop.
- EF fitment
- AF when pellicle mirror is down
- Digital Follow focus to control lenses electronically
- Twin CF slots
- Add on module with SSD drive for extended shooting, like a virtual film mag.
- 4:4:4 SDI out
- HDMI out
- 3D LUT capacity

This is currently a “skunk works project that was initiated with the 5D video explosion. Designed to be a base body, leveraging the existing EF glass. 3rd parties left to develop rails, matte boxes etc.”