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A New EOS M with EVF Second Half of 2014?

A New EOS M with EVF Second Half of 2014?

Interview with Mr Masaya Maeda
DCWatch has posted an interview (Google translated) with Mr Masaya Maeda from Canon Japan. He touches on the EOS M as well as a few other things in the interview.

The main points  from the conversation

  • A new EOS M3 camera could arrive in the 2nd half of 2014 with an EVF
  • New EF-M lenses are coming, though worldwide availability isn’t mentioned.
  • Canon is considering a prosumer/professional mirrorless camera
  • Video performance will be a key feature of future EOS M development.

Read the full interview

CR’s Take
It sounds like Canon has changed its plans with EOS M. It feels like the EOS M2 may just be a stop-gap between the EOS M1 and a more advanced EOS M body & system.

We’ve also heard more reports from Europe that the M2 is not coming to that continent and Canon USA is taking the “not at this time” approach.

Source: [DC] via [CW]



I Talk with James Beltz About the 1D X

I’ve never talked this much in my life.
I sat down briefly with James Beltz at and talked a bit about the EOS-1D X. I learned some stuff from him about the camera and tried to sound all technical and stuff. I’l like to discuss the camera again once I’ve actually used one.



A Replay of the Planet5D Interview

Planet 5D Podcast
Here I am talking to Mitch at Planet5D for his podcast. This was live yesterday, this is the replay.

*warning… I babble on for about an hour. :)



I Get Interviewed by James Beltz at

First time for everything
I had the pleasure to sit down with James Beltz at and be interviewed for his podcast.

We talk about my start, current rumors, some opinions on the mirrorless cameras and a lot more. We even touched on some video game addiction.

Watch The Full Show Here: and also available on iTunes.