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Red Epic with an EF Mount

Red Epic with an EF Mount

Vincent Laforet is at it again

The angle of video of a Canon 600mm f4 EF Lens with a 2X converter on a RED Epic, is roughly one degree. (1 Degree, 45 arcminutes horizontally to be exact.)

The focal length in terms of 35mm is more than 3400mm – not too shabby when you consider this was shot at 4K, 120fps in full RAW on the Epic.

So who cares? Is this just a case of “just because you can…”

The yet to be released EF mount for the RED system fully supports IS, autofocus, digital aperture control, touch to focus, touch to rack focus and distance readout. All you need to convert your RED to EF is a Torx screwdriver.

Vincent shot this film at Mono Lake 45 minutes after sunset until it was dark. He used an ISO range of 800 to 2000.

Visit the Vincent Laforet Blog to see more images of the setup.


August 19 Announcements

I received some information from Germany that the August 19 announcements will infact be for PIXMA printers. I cannot 100% confirm this, but that’s the latest.

Expect camera announcements to follow next week.

I didn’t want anyone to think I was giving him a hard time, if I had 1/10 the talent Vincent has, I’d consider my life a booming success photographically.

If Vincent says his announcements have nothing to do with Canon, I believe him. Whatever he’s doing is going to be cool.


Vincent Laforet “Clarifies” :)

“Just to be clear…”
Vincent Laforet has clarified a post he made last week about upcoming announcements.

…..they will have absolutely, unequivocally, NOTHING to do with Canon or a Canon product.

I’m sure he tests more than Canon gear, however. I have a hard time believing he’s not playing with some fun new Canon gear.

Thanks Mitch


5D Mark III & Other Tidbits

5D Mark III in 2011
Vincent Laforet on a recent webcast alluded to the next incarnation of the 5D coming “next year”.

He also mentioned Canon is committed to improving the mini HDMI connector on the cameras.

It’s rare to hear any of the sponsored photographers mention future products.

New Flash
A brief comment I received said Canon is readying to replace the 580EX II with a new unit. This will not be an addition to the flash lineup. There will be some new technology built into the flash as well.

PowerShot SX20 Replacement
The SX20 replacement will take a bit of a departure from the SX10 & SX20. Expect a new lens setup, design and image sensor technololgy.

The source also says expect the SX20 to be the last superzoom from Canon that uses AA batteries. I know that will NOT be music to the ears of a lot of people. It seems to be a 50/50 split for LiIon vs AA with the camera line.

New Waterproof Camera
Expect a new waterproof camera to be announced with the 60D in the coming month. I’ve also been told there could be a waterproof camcorder.


New DSLR Video Products Tomorrow

From Vincent Laforet

NAB 2010 kicks off tomorrow – and you should expect some pretty fantastic announcements from a wide variety of companies. I know of quite a few – but am sworn to secrecy for at least another 12 hours or so.

For those of you who could not make it out to the city of sin for this conference – know that a lot of the buzz here surrounds the HD DSLR and “convergence” worlds. Very exciting times. I can’t wait to share a lot of what I know with you very shortly. Zeiss, RedRock Micro, Lite Panels, Marshall Electronics, Canon and many many more have some very exciting announcement to make tomorrow!

Read More:

From Canon, it could be the remotes we were told about.

Adobe has announced Creative Suite 5
Check out all the info about the new suite from adobe.