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Lens Mugs!

Help me decide
So I bought 2 Canon 70-200 f/4L IS lens mugs off my favorite buy & sell forum.

I gave one to a great friend and my partner at Lens Rentals Canada, so there’s one up for grabs.

When I told my fiancee (28 days until the day) that I had another to give away on Canon Rumors, she lashed out in a tirade about how she deserved the mug more than all of you. She then muttered something about Nikon.

So, we’ll let the poll decide. I will say, whenever I see some for sale, I will buy them to give away.

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EF 70-200 f/4L IS Mug Review

I liked it
This is a review of the world famous lens mug from Canon Canada!

thanks Jeremy


Sunday News: Canon Rebates End April 4, Lens Mugs & More

Sunday News
Not much happens on the weekend, so I’ll just post some random stuff every Sunday.

A friendly reminder
The fine folks at Adorama have reminded Canon Rumors that rebates end April 3, 2010.

Both Adorama and B&H are closed this week, so today is the last day you can order from either store.

Shop Adorama

Shop B&H

Lens Mug
I’m not sure what’s going on with the lens mugs coming from My understanding is Canon Canada has already sold their entire run of mugs. However, someone from China is selling them directly.

I’m not sure if this is a scam, or if they’re manufacturing and selling unofficial products. Chinese laws in this area are pretty lax so it’s possible the facility is just going to make more then Canon ordered. The 24-105 mug that is out there isn’t an official Canon product as far as I’m aware. The wrong font used for “EF” on the box is a bit of a giveaway.

The mugs from this seller also appear on ebay. The seller of the 24-105 mugs appears to be giving positive feedback to the 70-200 mug person.

Confused? Me too! I just wanted to pass this information on. I’m still waiting on an official response from Canon Canada.

Workshop Contest.
A friend, Ethan Meleg will be leading a 3 day workshop in the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Yours truly will be assisting on the fun filled weekend. Mostly I’ll be carrying Ethan’s bags of Oreos.

You can enter to win a spot through Canadian Geographic, or you can buy a spot!

This area of Canada is truly a site to behold for nature photographers.

The contest closes April 2, 2010.

Canon Mode Dial MacBook Sticker

Gary has sent us a little project he finished. A mode dial sticker for your laptop! Very cool.

You can buy one here:

See More:…



Lens Mug Arrived!

So I have finally received 1 lens mug. This one will remain in the possession of Canon Rumors Guy.

I will not know how many more I can acquire before at least the middle of April. I promise I will be doing a lens mug giveaway sometime!

These things are so hard to acquire without paying $100 or more.

Fun Fact
This mug is the exact one that created the frenzy! I bought this mug from Josh. So I think this lens mug is extra special!

Canon Canada eStore
Canada Canada’s eStore still has them available for free when your purchase at least $200 worth of stuff.