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Review – Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC Art Lens

Review – Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC Art Lens

By Canon Rumors | May 25, 2016 | Canon Reviews

Dustin has completed our review of the Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC Art series lens, a lens that can definitely be described as “unique”, something Sigma seems to be leading the charge in.

It’s not a lens I’ve used, but I may try on my EOS 80D one day soon.

Dustin seems to love this lens:

Sigma has done it again. They have built a lens that no one else has the expertise (or at least nerve) to build. The first parties tend to stick with the volume sellers in APS-C – compact, variable aperture zooms that are fairly easy to design and manufacture and that they can sell hundreds of thousands of units of. Sigma won’t sell nearly so many of this large and heavy lens with a big aperture and small zoom range, but what an investment in their image as the company that hasn’t forgotten about the many serious amateur and even professional photographers that happen to like shooting APS-C cameras! Read the full review

Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC Art: B&H Photo | Amazon

Confirmed: New Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS Will Have USM

Confirmed: New Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS Will Have USM

By Canon Rumors | May 23, 2016 | Canon Lens Rumors

We’re able to confirm that the upcoming EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM replacement we talked about last week will have USM and not STM like the EF 24-105 f/3.5-5.6 IS. I guess we can call this lens the EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS II USM.

If you missed last weeks information, we expect to see this lens announced some time before Photokina in September.

We do not have any information on pricing on when the lens will ship.

Patent: EF-M 9-17mm f/3.5-5 STM

Patent: EF-M 9-17mm f/3.5-5 STM

By Canon Rumors | May 23, 2016 | Canon Lens Rumors

Another EF-M optical formula patent has appeared, this time for a EF-M 9-17mm f/3.5-5 STM. The front element on the lens is quite interesting going by the image above.

Patent Publication No. 2016-85259 (Google translated)

  • Published 2016.5.19
  • A wish day 2014.10.23
  • Zoom ratio 1.79
  • Focus distance 9.27 13.32 16.58
  • F-number 3.60 4.38 5.11
  • AOV 51.83 45.17 38.94
  • Like high 11.79 13.40 13.40
  • Overall length of the lens 85.22 79.65 81.94
  • BF 14.99 16.82 15.41

As with all of the EF-M patents, this is for a crop camera and we believe that the next EOS M body announced will be APS-C as well.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Being Tested by Photographers

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Being Tested by Photographers

By Canon Rumors | May 22, 2016 | Canon DSLR Rumors

We’re told that “more than a few” Canon preferred photographers have been out testing the EOS 5D Mark IV recently ahead of the expected August announcement. This should tell us that the camera hardware specifications have been finalized and the software remains the final piece of the puzzle to tweak and improve.

While solid specifications remain difficult to come by, we were told a few things about the video features of the camera.

  • Internal 4K confirmed (again)
  • 120fps @ 1080p confirmed

We couldn’t get confirmation on 4K @ 60fps, but if the camera is going to use CFast 2.0 as has been rumoured, I think this will be a likely feature. Canon seems to be putting some marketing dollars behind 4K frame grab photography, as they had some presentations on the technique at NAB this past April.

We’re also very interested to know if this DSLR will be the first to get DIGIC 7, which is currently only available in the PowerShot G7 X II.