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March, Lenses & Stuff

5D Mark III
I keep getting stuff in regards to a March 2011 camera launch. Most people seem to be pointing to a 5D Mark III type of camera. There’s nothing in the way of specs yet.

A good source continues to say a 5D3 replacement will be coming well before a 1Ds3 replacement.

With the production issues with the new lenses, I’m not overly optimistic about a camera body or lenses coming in March. We’ll see how these rumors shake out.

Received a claim from someone this week that they’re testing a replacement to the 580 EX II.

The only lens outside of the regular stuff I’ve received recently has been in regards to a 17-40 f/4L replacement. I’m told to expect it with the march camera launch and it will have IS. I’d CR1 this one.

Where have I been?
Things are slow and I’ve been dealing with being sick, some personal stuff and working on some Canon Rumors improvements.

I am off to Kenya on November 28 and will be returning mid December. I will have internet access for 95% of the trip and will still be checking emails and posting here.

I have a lot of stuff to review while away.

Lens Rentals Canada
If you’re Canadian, I’m offering free shipping until 2011 when you rent a lens or camera body. We’ll still be open when I’m away!


Reviews, Rentals & Thanks

A few things may be coming soon, I’m waiting for the good sources to pipe up.
Photozone has completed their review of the EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II.

The review is very favorable outside of pricing. We all knew it was going to cost a lot more than the previous version, we can all dream though.

Check out the review here:

Lens Rentals Canada
Canadians may have seen ads for a site called Lens Rentals Canada.

I am partnered in the new Canadian company. We have no affiliation with in the US, even though Roger is a great guy!

Our goal at Lens Rentals Canada is to create the easiest, most efficient and most enjoyable online rental experience in the country. There will be some bumps along the way, but we’re committed to the best customer service in the country.

We stock lots and will be adding more stuff as demand dictates. The first week of launch has been great!

If it seems I’ve disappeared a bit lately, this is why!

Downtown Camera (Toronto)
I rarely show support for photography stores out there. There are so many great ones. I’d be doing it a lot. So I like to keep it for very special occasions.

Downtown Camera in Toronto, Canada did me a huge favor and I just wanted to say “thanks” here.