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Aperture Control Adaptor for EF Lenses on Micro 4/3

Aperture Control Adaptor for EF Lenses on Micro 4/3

Pretty cool adaptor.
Red Rock Micro has released an adaptor for your Micro 4/3 mount camera. The adaptor allows for aperture control on all Canon EF mount lenses.

…..The Redrock Micro LiveLens mft is the solution for using sharp EF-mount lenses on Micro Four Third bodies without sacrifice. Where standard “dummy adapters” just physically mount EF lenses to the Micro Four Third body, the Redrock micro LiveLens MFT talks to the lens, giving you the ability to adjust your aperture without the need to use time consuming workarounds on set. Don’t work around the ability of your lenses; make your lenses work for you, starting today.

Red Rock Micro



*UPDATE* Fujinon for Canon? [CR1]

*UPDATE* Fujinon for Canon? [CR1]

Fujinon Lenses
A brief email this AM stated Fuji will announce Fujinon lenses for the EF mount in March. No other details were given. This is the first time I’ve heard anything on the topic. Grain of salt and all that.

There have been mentions elsewhere from time to time that Fuji wasn’t finished in the DSLR business.

This could also be lenses for video as pointed out by a few people, though the information did specify EF.



Holga Giveaway

Holga Giveaway

Holga Direct is showing off their new Holga lens mounts by doing a giveaway for the Canon world.

What can I win?
Holga Direct is giving away a Canon Digital Holga Kitchen Sink ($108.99 value).

The “Kitchen Sink” contains the following lenses:

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New Canon DSLR PL-Mount

No Destruction of Camera Neccessary
Zunow have released a new PL-Mount for Canon DSLR’s that doesn’t require you to mangle your 5D Mark II’s. There will be no moving the sensor, changing electronics or the best part, no voiding your warranty.

The news you want to know? It’s going to set you back about $2800 USD. The mount uses optical glass to achieve its goal.

From Zunow

This is the very first PL Mount where you don’t have to modify your Canon DSLR camera. This means you don’t have to send it away and hope it will get back to you in one piece. Also your standard Canon warranty will still be in affect when you use this adapter.

Thanks to the high quality optical glass inside the PL Mount we can create a perfect 35mm light circle around your full frame sensor. So you can film with your Canon DSLR without any distorsion or lost in depth of field.

The Zunow PL Mount 5D comes standard with a V-lock support plate. This will support your PL Mount with a heavy cinematic lens attached. Thanks to the V-lock system you can mount you DSLR onto every quick release adapter. So easy to use onto your tripod.

If you like to know more regarding this PL Mount please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

From Cinescopophilia via Zunow

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