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Radio in New Canon Flashes? [CR2]

Radio in New Canon Flashes? [CR2]

The new feature?
I’m told Canon has prototype flashes with radio receivers built in. They’ll be triggered by an updated ST-E2. Yes, wireless radio Canon flashes, by Canon.

I had been told previously that Canon’s next flagship flash would have new and innovative technology built in, this could be that.

No ETA on an announcement.

5D Mark II/III
Lots of stock shortage reports of the 5D Mark II. No, it’s not being replaced anytime soon. Canon cannot provide enough stock at the current moment. Adorama does have 5D Mark II’s in stock for $2699.

There were some rumors floating around about a May announcement of a 5D Mark III. I’ll say “not likely”.

1D Mark IV stock.
1D Mark IV’s, don’t expect to see many of them well into the summer.

I’ve been busy
I’ve been busy with other ventures recently. Mainly moving Lens Rentals Canada to new digs and ramping up for the wedding season rentals.

Most of what is coming my way is about stock levels.

I’m told from a good source that Canon is discussing the delaying of new product announcements until they can at least deliver what was announced last year. Everything is still up in the air as companies still don’t have a firm grasp on what will happen with their ability to manufacture in the coming months.



Canon EF 35 f/1.4L II [CR2]

Canon EF 35 f/1.4L II [CR2]

New Primes
The supertelephotos are done for the moment from Canon. The last 12 months or so have been dedicated to updating and releasing new long lenses.

First words today that a 35 f/1.4L II is in the wild and being tested and critiqued by a select few photographers.

This is one of the oldest lenses that’s been talked about for a replacement. It seems it may be a reality in the not so distant future.

There was no timetable given for release.

I will say this source has been right in the past about test lenses. The first mentions of the new supertelephotos came from this person.