Mobile Redirects Currently Plaguing the Mobile Web

Mobile Redirects Currently Plaguing the Mobile Web

By Canon Rumors | February 16, 2018 | Industry News

There is an internet wide annoyance currently affecting popular web sites. What used to only be a problem with clickbait junk sites has now hit the mainstream.

It’s not just Canon Rumors, this is an internet wide issue with sites like Yahoo, CNN and the New York Times suffering the same issues. We serve ads through Google and other top networks, and they are working hard to find a fix.

For example, last evening I was browsing Autoblog and I was hit by a redirect while using Chrome/Android. My system administrator has had the redirects pop up on Yahoo! It seems to happen to sites the user visits a lot, I’m on Autoblog 4-5 times a day and this is the only place I’ve had a redirect personally hit me. If I see a redirect, I dump my cache and restart my device.

Just because it only happens on Canon Rumors for you, doesn’t change the fact that this is a randomized issue affecting most popular web sites on the internet. As far as I know, this only affects mobile operating systems. I haven’t heard anything from desktop users.

What can you do about it?

  • Try viewing our site directly and not through Facebook or Twitter links.
  • Others have found clearing their cache and browsing history has eliminated or reduced the occurrences.
  • Try the latest version of Chrome to see if it reduces or eliminates it from happening.
  • You could turn off JavaScript and that should eliminate the issue. I’m not sure what affect that will have on browsing. (thanks docsmith)

Here is a story explaining this annoyance.

Every ad network that I know of is working on how to prevent this new and effective annoyance.

Thanks for your understanding.

Patent: Improved Eye Detection on Viewfinders

Patent: Improved Eye Detection on Viewfinders

By Canon Rumors | February 15, 2018 | Canon Patents

A patent showing improved eye detection for viewfinder showing conserving battery life based on how and when the LCD turns off.

From Canon News:

This patent uses a combination of sensors to detect if the LCD is open, viewable or tucked away to determine the distance thresholds automatically.

For instance, if you have the LCD open and twisted to the front, it’s less particular about objects coming close to the viewfinder than it would be if the LCD is twisted and closed.

Anything to improve battery life is always welcomed.

Patent: Improved Flare Control For DO Elements

Patent: Improved Flare Control For DO Elements

By Canon Rumors | February 15, 2018 | Canon Patents

A patent showing how to improved flare control with DO elements has appeared. This goes along with some of the recent flare control patents we’ve seen for standard supertelephoto lenses.

This patent notes continued flare improvement for a 70-300 DO lens according to Canon News

From US Patent 20180045975:

An image pickup apparatus for the long wavelength band of 8~14μm uses light (hereinafter, the far referred to as long wavelength infrared region). Therefore, if the diffraction efficiency of the diffractive optical element with respect to a specific diffraction order is low in a part of the far-infrared region, diffracted light having a diffraction order unnecessary for imaging can be generated. This is not preferable because it causes flare.

While we don’t believe we’ll get an EF 60mm f/4 DO IS announcement in 2018, it’s always possible another DO lens could be on the way.

Patent: Improvements for Dual Pixel AF

Patent: Improvements for Dual Pixel AF

By Canon Rumors | February 15, 2018 | Canon Patents

It looks like the next version of Dual Pixel AF is being developed according to the latest patent on the subject.

Canon News notes:

This patent goes heavily into the “methods of manufacturing” the improvement, detailing layer by layer how the image sensor is fabricated.  There’s a good chance that this is one in which Canon is attempting to seriously do.

It’s obvious Canon will continue to improve Dual Pixel AF in both manufacturing and performance.

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