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Lower Price Full Frame Camera [CR1]

Lower Price Full Frame Camera [CR1]

For Photokina?
Another mention of a new and less expensive full frame camera from Canon for Photokina. We reported this a few times before here and here.

Specs mentioned include:

  • 21mp
  • Less weather sealing
  • lesser AF system than the 5D3

CRs Take
While I don’t doubt a less expensive full frame camera in Canon’s future, I think most specs currently floating around will be of the wish-list variety. I would expect the camera to have the same 22mp sensor that is found in the 5D Mark III. After that , you can start knocking off about $1500 in “features” from the 5D3 to make the new camera.

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Canon Mirrorless Information? [CR1]

Canon Mirrorless Information? [CR1]

It’s been a while
Talk of a Canon mirrorless system has been pretty quiet the last few months, though there is a general assumption we’ll see one announced sometime in 2012.

The latest bits of information that has floated my way are below.

  • Two Cameras
  • G1 X Sensor Size
  • APS-C a possibility in one camera
  • 14 & 24 megapixels
  • EF compatibility, but not EF mount.
  • EVF on one camera
  • 3-5 Lenses announced at launch.

I suspect specifications for the new cameras have yet to be finalized and this sort of information will evolve over time.



Canon Mirrorless Far Off?

Beyond 2011?
It’s said Canon has introduced a 3rd camera category to its internal designations; DSLR, compact and mirrorless.

However, there is no current timeline or product to fit into the mirrorless category.

We’ve heard in the past that any mirrorless solution would be in the distant future i.e. 2012.

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Photokina 2010 Report

Photokina 2010 Report

12:25 – The FujiFilm FinePix 100 via Mr Blurry Cam

Size comparison the X100 beside my Canon M9 :)

I hate taking images with my phone, the blurry cam was in full effect.

The X100 is drawing a lot of attention. Fuji had semi working X100 on display for the world to see.

Hybrid Viewfinder
Holy cow, that is amazing. Seriously, it’s beautiful. I’ve heard some inappropriate (for this site) phrases to describe the new hybrid viewfinder. I tend to concur.

How Much?!
Initial reports of the pricing were high. We can expect the camera to cost “around $1000 USD” and “around 1000 Euro”.

The pricing isn’t finalized, but that’s directly from Fuji.

Fit and Finish
No, it’s not built like a Leica M9, but it’s still very nice. I couldn’t take the camera off the tripod to check how it feels. It looks a little bit on the plastic side. It’s a nice size though.

I’m more positive about it now that I see the pricing.

12:20 – EOS 60D


Lots of heated talk has been bandied about in regards to this camera. People have directly compared it to Nikon’s well specced D7000. Fairly or unfairly, that’s the way it is.

My impressions of the camera.

I love the way it feels, it’s really made for larger hands and for people that want a camera that is well thought out ergonomically. The camera feels solid, I can say I do not miss the skeleton of the 50D. The control wheel on the back is very intuitive and responsive. As is the center button inside the wheel.

The LCD screen is big and beautiful. The articulating mechanism is very solid, Canon has always designed them well.

It was a bodychecking party around the 60D, so I didn’t get to spend much time with it. My first impressions of the camera are very positive.

For anyone considering a T2i, check out the 60D too.

12:00 PM – PowerShot SX 30 IS

PowerShot SX30 IS

A camera I have called “absurd” obviously peaked my interest. The PowerShot SX 30 and it’s 35x zoom (24mm-840mm).

Hands on Mini Preview
The camera is a lot lighter than the previous cameras in the SX line. That’s largely due to being a lithium-ion battery instead of 4 AA’s I suspect. With the lighter weight, the camera doesn’t feel quite as solid as it did.

I was unable to put an SD card into the camera as Canon locks that sort of thing down. I’m really eager to see how well it works at 840mm.

Below is a shot giving you an idea what 840mm looks like on the LCD screen. I am zoomed into the head above the purple blotch in the background. One the screen, the images appeared sharp. The IS seems to be very functional.

SX30 IS Zoomed to 840mm

I don’t think I’m going to call the camera “absurd” anymore. I’m looking forward to seeing real world images from it.

11:30 AM
Back at the press center after spending the morning with Canon, Fujifilm, Topaz Labs and Sigma. The Canon area is obviously a zoo and since I’m a nice guy, I don’t knock people over to get to a camera.

What I could not find was the 4K camera or the white concept camera. I will go back and have another look. Their area is huge.

9:00AM – I’ve arrived at the press center and just trying to find my bearings. The show opens shortly and I want to be the first to hit the Canon booth. I’ll spend a fair bit of time this morning there. I’ll move onto others in the afternoon.

I’ll also take some time to find the weird, wild and wacky.

I’ll be posting pictures and all that jazz along the way. This is the first time I’ve done this, so it’ll be a learning experience for sure.

Forum Thread:,191.0.html

I’ll be choosing random people that participate in a positive way on the forums today for a free CR T-Shirt, I may even upgrade them to golf shirts or maybe even a hoody.



CR Rates The Product Announcements Part 1

Part 1: EOS
A lot of product announcements for the DSLR world, popular desired products still missing.

*NOTE* These opinions are loose and based the specifications of the products and initial impressions. I will delve deeper next week.

As with most prosumer DSLR announcements from Canon, it has been treated rather harshly. I don’t find it all that exciting, but I’m sure they’re going to sell a lot of them.

Why I like it:

  • Price. At $1099USD at launch, this camera will quickly fall below $1000USD. From what I’ve heard, the camera feels quite nice in your hands and is a big upgrade to the Rebel in that regard.
  • Articulating screen, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, but I know there are certain types of photography that will benefit from it.
  • Weight. There’s a big backlash that the 60D didn’t follow the path of the 50D and retain the metal body. I don’t think that will affect sales of the camera all that much. Lots of people love the weight of the Rebel, but don’t like the ergonomics. The 60D may fit for those people. If you want a metal camera, get the 7D!

Why I don’t like it

  • So far it’s missing microadjustment. That shouldn’t be a cost increasing feature. Put it in.
  • Old AF technology. It doesn’t need to be as good as the 7D, but something improved over the 50D would be welcomed.
  • It’s kind of boring, there’s not much new in the camera to make people excited.

EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS
This seems like a very calculated addition to the lens lineup. I wasn’t a fan of the last 70-300, I always felt it cost too much.

This isn’t a cheap lens from the pricing I’ve seen ($1500USD), yet it’s being marketed as an “L” lens newer photographers should look at first.

Optically; it better kick butt for the money.

EF 8-15 f/4L Fisheye
What a unique and brilliant idea. One fisheye to work with the entire EOS line. No, it’s not cheap ($1400USD), but for the folks that want a fisheye and have various crop factors in their bag, this is a winner.

I cannot wait to try it out.

EF 300 f/2.8L IS II & EF 400 f/2.8L IIS II
Neither of these lenses NEEDED to be replaced, but it cannot hurt to continue to evolve your flagship products.

I’m sure they will continue the tradition of Canon’s big white lenses being the stuff of legends.

What’s missing from the EOS announcements?
If I asked the readers at Canon Rumors what they WANTED to see, there are a few things that keep coming up.

EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS
I don’t need to say anything about such a lens, it’s already been mentioned.

5D Mark III / 3D
A full frame camera with at least the 7D autofocus system and all the bells and whistles in a smaller package than the 1D series camera. Don’t increase the megapixel count, just take the 5D Mark II to the next level.

New Cheaper Primes
Lots of people desire a 35 f/1.8 or a new 50 f/1.4.

100-400 Replacement
For some people, a version II of the current 100-400. For others, copy Nikon’s legendary 200-400 f/4 and add it to the lineup.

Is there more coming before Photokina?
The million dollar question to be sure. I received an email today saying Canon will announce another camera body before Photokina, and not a 1Ds Mark IV.
I currently have no solid information as to whether that will happen or not.

Monday will be the deadline!

I’ll be in Cologne attending Photokina next Tuesday. Check the site throughout the day as I will be constantly updating anything relevant to Canon.



1Ds Mark IV for Photokina [CR1.5]

Is it really?
I’ve been told that a 1Ds Mark IV announcement can be expected for the Canon EXPO & Photokina. Availability of the camera could be some time after (2 months?).

Canon will make a “big splash” this fall with 3 digital SLR’s and a “revolutionary” PowerShot.

Too good to be true?

Steven Alvarez posted that his friend is indeed testing the 1Ds Mark IV.

Yeah, weird rating! I know the source, but they have about a 50% batting average.



EF 35 f/1.8 & Tales of Backorders [CR2]

35 f/1.8
A source is nearly positive Canon will be releasing this  for Photokina.

70-300 f/4.5-5.6 IS II?
As we reported before, the current version was heavily backordered. A local store has had 3 on order for nearly 2 months. One has been shipped, the other 2 have not yet.

This sort of backorder behavior has lead to replacements in the past.

Other significant backorders?
In Canada, 5D Mark II kits with 24-105 f/4L IS lenses have been backordered for over a month with some retailers.

A lot of retailer info has been coming in globally about 5D Mark II shortages. There could be manufacturing reasons for this, as we expect at least 2 new camera bodies for Photokina and perhaps a 3rd in Q4 2010.

I’ve also had 52mm drop-in filters for supertelephotos on backorder for nearly 2 months. Replacement! :)



3 Lenses for Photokina, but…[CR2]

…. another soon after?
I’m told we can expect 3 new lenses to be shown off at the Canon EXPO and Photokina.
Canon lauched 3 lenses with the 7D last year, so it’s not unprecedented.

A 4th lens would be announced in the November/December timeframe with a “new camera body”.

Sadly, no confirmation on which lenses will arrive.



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