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What to Expect From Canon For CP+ Next Week

What to Expect From Canon For CP+ Next Week

Below is what we’re likely to see Canon announce next week for CP+ in Tokyo, Japan. Canon generally treats this show as a consumer show, so we won’t see anything on the prosumer DSLR side.

  • New DSLR, most likely a Rebel below the EOS SL1.
  • Canon G1 X Replacement. This camera will be slimmer, it will lose the optical viewfinder and the lens is most likely 24-120 f/2-3.9. As I’ve said before, it will be a fair bit of money. I’d say around $700.
  • Canon PowerShot SX280 IS. A new compact large zoom compact.
  • We’ll also see a few other PowerShot cameras announced.

These announcements will come on Wednesday, February 12, 2014.



Two New PowerShot Cameras Leaked

New S200 and SuperZoom
Two new Canon PowerShot cameras have been leaked. One is the PowerShot S200 and the other looks to be a compact superzoom.

There are no confirmed specs for either camera.

New PowerShots are expected sometime in May/June.

canon_s200_b1 canon_s200_f1 canon_sx_f1 canon_sx_b1

Source: [DCI]