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Suggestions of a NAB 2014 DSLR Announcement [CR1]

Suggestions of a NAB 2014 DSLR Announcement [CR1]

Two separate folks have written in to say we should expect some kind of a DSLR announcement for NAB 2014 in April.

NAB is generally for Cinema EOS and other cameras that could be looked at as professional videography tools. For this reason, I have a hard time thinking the EOS 7D Mark II would be announced for this show, even if it is rumored to have cutting edge videography features. I think the camera will still fall into the prosumer still photographer segment with some bonus sales to videographers.

I think we’re going to be getting a lot of 7D Mark II information in the next little while, most of which being wishful thinking.  I’d bet on an announcement after NAB, with Cinema EOS products being announced for the show in late March or early April. We are told to expect 2 cinema lens announcements from a separate source.

We will see another round of PowerShot announcements, headlined by the SX50 IS replacement some time this spring, I think an EOS 7D Mark II announcement at that time is more likely.

This is also a Photokina year (we’ll be there), so I suspect we’ll see a big DSLR announcement in late August for that show.

More to come…



Canon PowerShot SX50 IS Safety Notice

Canon PowerShot SX50 IS Safety Notice

The rubber of the viewfinder of some units of the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS compact digital camera may change color (turn white) after a short period of time. Customer support for this phenomenon is described below.

We take great pride in the quality and performance of our products. We offer our sincerest apologies to any customers who may be inconvenienced.

The rubber section of the viewfinder of some PowerShot SX50 HS digital compact cameras produced in certain lots from September 1 through November 15, 2013 may turn white after a short period of time. We have determined after inquiry with the rubber manufacturer and internal analysis that the white substance is zinc bis (N,N’- dimethyldithiocarbamate).

Zinc bis is not used in the production of this product. The reason for the depositing of this material was the use of an improper rubber accelerator by the manufacturer of the rubber viewfinder. As a result the rubber section of the viewfinder may turn white due to a chemical reaction with the rubber accelerator and other substances. High temperature and high humidity may contribute to this condition. Zinc bis (N,N’- dimethyldithiocarbamate), which becomes deposited on the rubber surface, is created as a result of this chemical reaction.


Affected products
Only a small fraction of the PowerShot SX50 HS compact digital cameras – the ones containing the improper rubber accelerator – are affected by this phenomenon.

This phenomenon may occur in cameras of which the first and second digits from the left in the serial number are “69”, “70”, or “71” and the sixth digit of the serial number is “1”.
(Example serial numbers of cameras that may be affected: “69xxx1xxxxxx”, “70xxx1xxxxxx”, “71xxx1xxxxxx” (‘x’ can be any number))


Caution on use
The amount of zinc bis (N,N’-dimethyldithiocarbamate) deposited on the affected units is minimal. However, depending on one’s health and physical condition, in rare cases it is possible for zinc bis to cause allergic reactions, such as a rash, when it comes in contact with the skin of sensitive persons. In addition, if the eyes make contact with the substance, symptoms such as red eyes may develop.

As a precautionary measure, thoroughly wash your hands and rinse your eyes with water if they have come into contact with the rubber part of a viewfinder that has turned white. If any medical symptoms develop, please consult your physician immediately.

If the camera meets the serial number criteria listed above, the product will be inspected and repaired free of charge. If you own one of the affected cameras please contact our Customer Support Center.

This information is for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico only. If you do not reside in the USA or Puerto Rico, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region.

Thank you,
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc


Who’s Ready for a 100x Zoom PowerShot?

Who’s Ready for a 100x Zoom PowerShot?

The future of the SX line?
Canon has patented a 100x zoom lens for compact cameras. It has a focal range of 3.6mm to 340mm. With the crop factor of 5.2 for a 1/2.3″ sensor, that’s about an 18mm-1768mm lens!

I’ve always thought 50x zoom wasnt enough in my bag, this is going to solve those issues! I expect to see a new SX series camera or two announced for CES 2014 in Las Vegas next month.

Patent Publication No. 2013-242430,2013-242431

  • Publication date 2013.12.5
  • Filing date 2012.5.21

Example 2

  • Zoom ratio 48.37
  • Focal length f = 4.30-13.30-208.00mm
  • Fno. 2.87-5.00-7.07
  • Half angle ω = 37.77-16.25-1.07 °
  • 94.75-94.56-138.99mm overall length of the lens
  • BF 10.40-19.43-10.43mm
  • 13 pieces of 10-group lens configuration
  • Two four-sided aspherical

Example 5

  • Zoom ratio 94.44
  • Focal length f = 3.60-14.51-340.00mm
  • Fno. 3.50-5.00-9.00
  • Half angle ω = 42.12-14.95-0.65 °
  • 95.91-97.40-165.41mm overall length of the lens
  • BF 10.48-21.86-2.28mm
  • 13 pieces of 10-group lens configuration
  • Three 5-sided aspherical

Source: [EG]