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Apple, EVIL & a Profile

Apple, EVIL & a Profile

Collaboration with Apple?
I’ve received a few pieces of information about an upcoming collaboration between Apple and Canon. What that collaboration is hasn’t been spelled out to me. It could be with the upcoming Final Cut Pro 8, or maybe something more.

Canon Wants a Medium Format Company?
I’m not sure if stuff I’ve written in the past is getting recycled, but I’ve had a rash of comments recently about Canon’s desire to purchase a medium format company. We’ve heard before they’ve had talks with Hasselblad. It could be more of the same.

Canon Mirrorless
I’ve received emails recently saying we’ll see an EVIL announcement in May. I rate that CR negative 5. The best information I have is that Canon is still in the exploratory stages with a mirrorless solution. There’s no rush to get something to market.

Latest Photographer Profile
We’ve added another photographer profile. This time Alex Johnson from Minnesota. Check it out.



Photographer Profile: Drew “Rukes” Ressler

Photographer Profile: Drew “Rukes” Ressler

Our 3rd photographer profile has been completed.

Drew “Rukes” Ressler took the time to talk with us about his photography and his business. Business looks to be pretty good for him.

As I mention in the interview, I was intrigued by Drew because he seems to have created a thriving business in a new and/or underserved genre of photography.

Check out the CR interview.

Check out Drew’s Site:



Photographer Profile: Stephanie Borcard & Nicolas Metraux

Stephanie Borcard & Nicolas Metraux
It’s time to meet the photographers behind our long overdue 2nd photographer profile.

This couple travels the globe capturing the human condition. They aspire to be full-time photographers in a very difficult photography field to make a living.

I love their work and I hope you do too.

Read The Interview