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Review: Canon EOS Rebel SL2 by DPReview

Review: Canon EOS Rebel SL2 by DPReview

By Canon Rumors | September 19, 2017 | Canon Reviews

DPReview has completed their review of  Canon’s smallest DSLR, the EOS Rebel SL2. DPRewview referred to the SL2 as the Toyota Camry of DSLRs, which after having a Camry as a rental recently, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

From DPReview:

For those who want a small camera with the traditional controls and viewfinder of a DSLR, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is easy to recommend. It’s not spectacular in any one area, but it’s easy to use and performs well in most situations. The SL2 isn’t for those taking a lot of photos of moving subjects, nor is it wondrous at video, but for everyday life, it’ll do the job.

Canon-lovers who want better performance – especially autofocus – should strongly consider spending the extra $200 for the Rebel T7i (EOS 800D). Read the full review

The first iteration of this line had a lot of fans once the price started to drop on the camera. I recall a lot people buying the SL1 once they started to appear in the $350-$400 range on the grey market or refurbished at the Canon Store. I’m thinking the same is going to happen again.

Profoto Announces the World’s Smallest Studio Light, The Profoto A1

By Canon Rumors | September 19, 2017 | Industry News

Press Release – September 19, 2017

The Profoto A1 might be the smallest flash we’ve ever made, but it’s still built to the same impossibly high standards we’ve set ourselves over the last fifty years.

Our focus with the A1 was to create a flash that delivers a truly high quality of light, which is why it features a round head which delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a pleasing soft-smooth fall-off, that blends seamlessly with the ambient light.

Preorder the Profoto A1 at B&H Photo

Thanks to a smart magnetic mount built into the head, light shaping tools and modifiers can be clicked on and off quickly and easily. Within seconds you’re being creative with light, shaping it. It also has a zoom function that allows you to make fine adjustments to the spread of light by simply twisting the zoom ring on the head, and for accuracy it has a modeling light built-in to the head – so you can see what you’re going to get before you press the shutter.

Read more…

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Coming Mid October [CR3]

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Coming Mid October [CR3]

By Canon Rumors | September 18, 2017 | Canon PowerShot

We’ve finally have an approximate announcement date for the upcoming Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, we’re told that it will be announced in mid October. Looking at the calendar, Tuesday, October 17, 2017 looks like a good “mid October” guess. Give or take a week on either side of this date. Canon generally announces on a Tuesday, but sometimes does so on a Friday as well.

While we’ve nailed down when we can expect to see it announced, specifications are still not [CR3].

Rumored Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Specifications: [CR1]

  • 24mp APS-C Sensor (The PowerShot G1 X Mark II was 1.5″ sensor)
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • DIGIC 7
  • 24-120mm lens (35mm equivalent)

We do not know for sure if another G series PowerShot will be announced alongside the PowerShot G1 X Mark III.

More to come…

New DSLR Series Coming in 2018? [CR1]

New DSLR Series Coming in 2018? [CR1]

By Canon Rumors | September 18, 2017 | Canon DSLR Rumors

For the second time in the last couple of months, we’re being told that a new DSLR series will be announced some time in 2018. Neither source could name the series, only that it appeared as a “new DSLR series” in a presentation.

If we’re thinking out loud, I think these would be the obvious candidates.

  • EOS Cinema DSLR
    • A cinema DSLR camera to replace the discontinued EOS-1D C. This has been talked about numerous times over the years.
  • EOS-1D Xs
    • A high megapixel pro series body. Since the amalgamation of the 1D line back in 2009, we’ve always wondered if we’d get a camera like this to truly replace the EOS-1Ds Mark III. 
  • EOS APS-C Cinema DSLR
    • A cheaper 4K cinema alternative that would “protect” the Cinema EOS lineup of cameras.

Hopefully this will bring a bit more information to the surface. For the moment, this is a [CR1] rumor, so please treat it as such.

Deal: Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x $9199 (Reg $10999) & More

Deal: Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x $9199 (Reg $10999) & More

By Canon Rumors | September 17, 2017 | Deals on Gear

Deals-All-Year (99.8% approval) has some deals on popular Canon L lenses via ebay.

*Note These are likely grey market items and may not qualify for a Canon USA warranty (Though in our experience, you shouldn’t have an issue). Please check with the seller to see if they offer additional warranty.